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Best Entry-Level Sales Jobs For Recent College Grads

Many college and university students, who are not on an advanced degree or graduate school track, get their diploma with no certainty about what kind of job they will pursue. By default many of them get jobs as waiters or retail salespersons just to earn some money and think about what to do next.

But realistically you are not going to learn much in routine wait-staff or retail jobs. Consider instead the much greater value of entry-level sales jobs working for a national company that provides you with training, support, bonus commissions, insurance and other benefits.

Here are some important reasons why the best entry-level sales jobs are offered by companies like LogoNation, for whom recruiting and training recent grads for these jobs is a high priority:

1)    You can work from home, or your hometown, and serve a metropolitan area, rather being uprooted and expected to travel around the country, living out of a suitcase in one anonymous hotel room after another. LogoNation’s business model is based on outside sales representatives covering a metro area that is roughly 30 miles from a center city – usually a core county and all the surrounding counties, for example.

2)    You can learn a lot without taking more classes – Learning to sell products or services, and more specifically learning to persuade other people to take a certain course of action, is one of the most vital skills you can learn and use in any type of job. Every day you’ll have fresh opportunities to present your business case to company owners and decision-makers, who can benefit not only by having their brand name advertised around town, but also by being associated with a project that promotes community pride and spirit. You also learn more about being responsible for what you do, managing your time and workday, and engaging in many other activities that are a lot like running your own small business. You can use this kind of knowledge not only as your first after-college career grows, but also in almost any other kind of job you might hold in the years to come.

3)    You can make a good living – An entry-level sales job like LogoNation offers allows you to make in excess of $40,000 a year to start, and more over time as your sales volume grows. That is a lot more than many other entry-level jobs offer, so you can not only pay all your living expenses but even save for the future if you are so inclined. In addition, health insurance and other benefits are provided by a caring company run by people who started out just like you are going to.

4)    You have the satisfaction of achievement – By having specific goals and working hard to achieve them, you’ll earn a level of satisfaction that many other entry-level jobs to not provide. All too many basic jobs are humdrum, monotonous, same-old same-old, day after day. As a LogoNation sales representative, you’ll be out in the marketplace, moving about, making and executing plans, and charting your progress with solid accomplishments. Every day you’ll be meeting different people, learning about their businesses, understanding their needs, and providing them with a service that can advance their business and their brand cost-effectively. You won’t need someone else to pat you own the back for a job well done – but in fact you will receive recognition and rewards from a company offering some of the best entry-level sales jobs in America. Contact LogoNation today to learn more.


Sales Rep Jobs Are A Good Fit For Recent College Graduates

salesrepjob-11935078_sThe job market is competitive. It can take months or years for college graduates to land a certain career position. Savvy graduates work in sales rep jobs to gain valuable skills and real-world experience. Start building your work resume and learn how recent college graduates are earning great money at sales rep jobs.

Use Your Education In Unexpected Ways

Use your college education in an unexpected way. Most college students do not major in sales, but you would be surprised how you can use other aspects of your college education in the workforce. Take your knowledge and apply it toward a sales rep job. Learn how to make and increase sales by using your unique expertise with customers. A job with LogoNation gives you a golden opportunity to build customer and community relationships by helping businesses promote themselves.

Know Your Target Market

Who are you trying to sell to? Understand your target market before you start a sales rep job. Know how to communicate with them. Gear your approach to appeal to your target market. Sales soar when customers can relate to what you say. Offer something of value they clearly understand.
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Sales and Marketing Jobs – What’s the Value for College Grads?

What’s the Value of a Sales and Marketing Job for a Recent College Grad?

sales-mktg-job8713074_sAs a recent college graduate, you are focused on getting stable employment and achieving goals that will work towards your future. Perhaps your goal is to ultimately be a lawyer or to work as a business manager. Yet, right now, you need a job that helps to pay the bills and get some real-world experience. Why not consider the value in sales and marketing jobs? What you’ll find is that these jobs work very well for college graduates and they enable you to learn a few skills along the way.

How Does a Sales and Marketing Job Help with my Career Goals?

You may be wondering just how well a marketing or sales job can add to your resume and career advancement. It may not be as good as internships in your chosen field, but the pay is excellent and the experience is universally applicable. Also, there are often hidden benefits to sales and marketing jobs.

For example, in a sales job, you’ll learn how to interact with people to help them take the steps you want them to take. You’ll learn how to be an effective communicator and to get your point across. You’ll also learn how to read people and how to encourage them to take the path you would like them to take.

You’ll benefit from marketing and sales jobs not necessarily by just earning money, but also getting real-world education on how to meet your client’s needs.

You’ll learn how to work with other people. And, you may be able to learn the inner workings of business. All of this translates into skills you’ll use later on in life no matter what career or field you work in.

Finding sales and marketing jobs as a college graduate is exactly what your goal should be. When you want good money, a flexible job, and you want some job skills, too, this is the route to take for nearly all recent college grads, who are just out of school. It could be exactly what’s right for you.