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Are You A Natural Sales Rep? Consider Your Personality

Some people were born to sell, but many others can learn to sell, with the right training and motivation.

You can get insights into your natural sales inclinations through personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, the most widely used and scientifically verified personality testing tool in the world.  Although it is best to have the “real” Myers-Briggs administered by a trained professional, which will cost you a few dollars, you can get approximate results from various online simulators if you do a search for “free myers briggs test.”

introvert or extravertAccording to the experts, the U.S. population is about one-third introvert, with extraverts being the larger portion. But recent research has shown that the most effective salespeople are often somewhere in the middle. Extreme extraverts can come across as intense and overbearing, and extreme introverts as shy and reserved. But really the majority of the population is somewhere in the middle. It’s a typical bell-shaped curve of distribution.

Maybe you have had previous success in sales, or are naturally out-going, but you never considered a career as a sales rep because of parental, academic or peer pressure. But in the real world, as the saying goes, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Sales and marketing are the driving forces of business as well as fund-raising and other key activities in the non-profit world. So consider being a sales rep for a company like LogoNation, which provides a thorough training program, lots of autonomy and incentives for its sales people.

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Recent College Grad Enjoys Being Sales Rep For LogoNation

A new sales career with LogoNation can be a great learning experience for a recent college graduate. Here’s some testimony from one of LogoNation’s top performing young sales reps:

Shaking  Hands In SalesI finished college in 2012, and have really enjoyed my new job with LogoNation. I like getting out and meeting people – I’m not a desk job person. I really believe in the product I’m selling. I enjoy traveling across the state, seeing things I’d never seen before, even though I have lived here my entire life, and meeting people like mayors and Chamber executives I would not meet otherwise.

In this job it is important to be very organized, and I am naturally organized. You have to be knowledgeable for people to believe in you. You also need to have the gift of gab so you can lead the conversation and hold your ground. Let people know you are genuinely interested in them and their business – you cannot come across as a salesperson. Know your sales pitch so your attitude and posture come across naturally in the conversation – not as a typical sales pitch spouting off facts and making points.

For recent college grads considering a sales job like this, they need to understand what they’re getting into. Sales is not easy. You have to give 100 percent all the time. Some of this stuff they don’t teach you in school. You learn from interactions and sometimes falling on your face. Come in with a good attitude – be ready for it.

This isn’t for the faint of heart – you need a tough skin. People think my job is easy because I’m selling t-shirts. Sometimes I walk through the door and people put their hand in my face. But you have to get your foot in the door and have a conversation to get things going.

I like that LogoNation is not owned by some hoity-toity people sitting in big offices. I like that it is a family owned business. It feels good to work for a business that actually cares about their people. That helps me get up and go to work each day. I like working for people I can call – they will address my questions and concerns themselves.

I’m not in one place too long – I like the opportunities to control how much money I make. They offer great incentives, much better than retail chains for example.

I want to do this for as long as these people put up with me. If you’re genuinely good with this job, your income is unlimited. You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. I work for good people.

Experienced Sales Rep Finds Working For LogoNation Fits Her Lifestyle Better

Being a sales representative for another company can be a good stepping stone to a sales career with LogoNation, where the freedom of movement and sales commission structure are superior in many ways. That was the experience for one of LogoNation’s sales representatives who previously worked in sales for a dog food manufacturer. Here is her story:

Being a sales rep for a premiere manufacturer of dog food mostly involved putting on educational seminars for dog breeders. It was a fun job, but not when I had young kids. It is not good when mom’s away from her young kids so much.  In a previous job I was co-owner of a pet store, but when the strip mall we were in went into decline, it was no longer viable.

interacting-peopleWhat I like best about my job now is the interaction with people. I love going into businesses – not necessarily selling, but more a matter of finding ways they can increase their sales through using LogoNation’s “Communitees” t-shirts.  For example they can offer it as an added premium for buying a more expensive product. This helps them get their dollar amount per sale higher. A lot of my customers who have done that find it works – in some cases leading to a huge increase in sales.

I like the traveling – going in and out of businesses – really helping these people utilize the shirts, get their name out there, and find an edge where they can be better than the competition. I also do a lot of United Ways – they love the shirts as rewards for companies that contribute.

Also LogoNation is a great company to work with. They are very good at what they do. Sales is hard, a busy job, but that’s the kind of stuff I like. Following the sales methods that LogoNation has developed is very effective, and I do a lot of training for new sales reps as well.

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Top LogoNation Sales Rep Shares Her Secrets of Success

A sales career with LogoNation has proven to be a great fit for one of our more successful sales representatives, who shares this Q&A blog post:

Operating IndependentlyQ: What do you enjoy about your job now?

I like the fact that I manage my own time. I don’t like sitting in an office all day – I would feel trapped. With this job you control your own destiny. If you want to make more money, just go out there and work harder.

Q: Is this your first sales job, or have you had others?

Previously I sold office equipment, and worked in inside sales for a construction supply company.  LogoNation has worked out well for me. I made over $50,000 in my first year, and 2013 was my best year ever.

Q: What have you learned through this job?

This job has taught me a lot. I have improved dramatically in being able to close a sale on the spot, creating a sense of urgency so I walk out with the check. It’s not like other jobs when the sale may come much later or after several meetings. If you don’t close the sale in that first meeting with a customer, you probably are not going to succeed if you go back any time soon.

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