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What To Expect: A Day In The Life Of An Entry-Level Salesperson

Are you a recent graduate who wants to be in control of your career? Have you considered a job in sales? Well, you should. A typical day for an entry-level salesperson can be fun and rewarding. And unlike some other careers, you can set the pace of your success, that is, if you’re willing to work hard and smart.

Day In Life - Entry Level SalesSet goals and make a plan

As with any job, you want to earn money. The first step toward doing this successfully is to set tangible goals with an actionable plan to achieve them — make them SMART. Your plan should include steps you’ll complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Get connected to make the sale

In your role as an entry-level salesperson, expect to spend time prospecting, networking and managing your relationships. Prospecting, the act of systematically collecting leads, will help to keep your pipeline full of sales opportunities. Through direct connections and referrals, networking can function as a method for lead generation and also help keep you and your products and services top of mind. Each lead is an opportunity to solve someone’s business problem — even make a friend. Once these leads are identified, you’ll spend time daily making connections with potential and existing clients in person, on the phone or through email.

Track results and adjust plans

Plan in place. Check. Building relationships. Check. Making sales. Check. But don’t forget to track your goal completion and sales activity. Tracking gives you direct insight into how effective and productive you’ve been over a period of time. Want to push yourself harder? Or maybe you didn’t have the results you anticipated? Based on your findings, you can decide to make adjustments to your periodic tasks or your sales goals.

So why let someone else decide how much money you can earn? With a clear, actionable plan, you can be in the driver’s seat of a lucrative entry-level sales career.

Entry-Level Sales Jobs: Debunking the Biggest Misconceptions

The biggest misconceptions about entry-level sales jobs

Entry Level Sales PersonStarting in a new career can be scary. That’s as true of an entry-level sales job as any other line of work. But you may have heard a few pieces of misinformation that make sales seem scarier than it really is. Let’s take a few minutes to debunk a few of the most common misconceptions about sales:

“Great salespeople are born, not made”

People who are really good at something make it look easy. But that doesn’t mean some people are just born to work in a sales job. The best salespeople rise to the top because:

  1. They work really hard to become experts at listening to the needs of their clients.
  2. They use their listening skills to build strong relationships.
  3. They know everything there is to know about the products they sell.
  4. And they believe completely in the benefits those products offer.

“Sales jobs are ruthless”

Competitive? Sure. But cut-throat? No. Sales careers actually tend to attract people who are outgoing, friendly and positive about life. These, along with solid ethics that clients can depend on, are the characteristics that carry them successfully over the hurdles of a new job.

“Better grades mean you’ll be a better salesperson”

On the contrary, this is one of the biggest advantages of an entry-level sales career. Sales is a wide-open field. Your grades in school don’t matter. If you’ve demonstrated strong sales skills in your extracurricular activities or other interests, you’re just as qualified as the person who made the Dean’s List.

“If you’re not instantly good at sales, you never will be”

If this was true, we wouldn’t have Apple computers. The most legendary success stories always have some missteps along the way. Just like in any new thing you try, it takes time to get really good at sales.

Give yourself a chance to learn all about your product and get comfortable with the rhythm of your new job before starting to make judgments about your talent for sales.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a new career in entry-level sales, don’t believe these myths. The truth is: starting out in sales is like starting out in any new job. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!

Contact the LogoNation sales team to learn more.

Put Your Liberal Arts Degree To Good Use With Entry-Level Sales

Liberal Arts GradLiberal arts graduates may find the job market tough to break into, especially when compared to their tech, science and engineering peers. But there are many benefits that come from having a non-specialized degree. You have the opportunity to explore a variety of industries and create a career that best complements your skill set. Some may even go so far as to say that, given their versatility, liberal arts degrees are more valuable than highly specialized degrees in a changing job market.

Liberal arts gives you an advantage

One of the best ways to start off your career as a liberal arts graduate is as an entry-level salesperson. Liberal arts majors are trained in some of the most fundamental aspects of good salesmanship. They have the ability to:

  • think critically
  • problem solve, and
  • make a compelling argument for a cause.

A liberal arts degree also means you have a broad knowledge of the world and the ability to see an issue from multiple perspectives, i.e. your customer’s perspective.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of selling products to strangers, don’t be. While many people consider salespeople to be pushy chatterboxes, it’s simply not the case. When done successfully and ethically, sales is simply a way to connect people to beneficial services. For the process to work, salespeople really have to know their stuff. But more importantly, they need to believe in their products.

Here’s to great conversations

More than simply memorizing a pitch and talking a good game, successful salespeople are good listeners. They engage with their customers and have real conversations — not just one-sided presentations.  Liberal arts majors are well versed in the art of conversation. They also understand the importance of the social and cultural complexities that may affect people’s opinions.

Sales is known as a great training ground to gain vital business skills you’ll use throughout your career, including overcoming rejection, thinking on your feet and taking initiative. If you’re a recent liberal arts graduate, an entry-level sales job may be the perfect way to use your adaptability and creativity to take the job market by storm. So consider an entry-level sales job with LogoNation a great way to begin – learn more at

Why Is LogoNation for Best Entry Level Sales Jobs?

Best Entry Level Sales JobsSales positions continue to be sought after by many people on the hunt for a great job. The potential for real solid earnings is achievable, as is the ability to set your own hours and essentially take your career into your own hands. There are few careers in this day and age that provide the many benefits – including the extensive autonomy – that outside sales positions offer.

So it’s not surprising that increasing numbers of people are turning to LogoNation for the best entry level sales jobs and Louisville marketing careers. LogoNation is a specialty advertising company focusing on small communities and the small businesses that reside within them. Some of the reasons that LogoNation’s outside sales positions are so popular include:

  • Ongoing Support – From the orientation and training that is offered at the start, to the continued support provided by the home sales office and district managers, LogoNation provides the foundation for success.
  • Team Environment – LogoNation provides year-round activities and events for their team members to come together and gain support.
  • Benefits and Compensation – Unlike most commissioned sales jobs, the jobs available through LogoNation come with a base salary, the opportunity to earn commissions, benefits such as 401k, health care allowance, cell phone allowance, car allowance, gas reimbursement, and more.

If you’re considering outside sales positions, take a look at LogoNation and what it can offer you.