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Lifelong Leadership Lessons An Entry Level Sales Career Will Teach You

There are a lot of great reasons to pursue an entry-level sales job, and you’ve probably heard most of them before: Your earning potential is nearly unlimited. You meet new people every day. And each day is unique and full of surprises. But the best reason for starting a career in sales is one you might not have run across yet:

An entry-level sales job teaches skills that can make you a dynamic leader in any life situation.

Listening leaderThink about it. As an entry-level sales professional you’ll learn how to socialize gracefully with decision-makers. You’ll practice pitching ideas successfully. You’ll develop a network of friends and business associates to support you as you grow in your career. And you’ll learn valuable lessons in leadership that will stay with you for your whole life ­ lessons like these:

Listen before you talk

Listening is one of the most important skills you can develop in an entry-level sales job, and it’s just as important when you’re in a position of leadership. Listening first gives you the “lay of the land” in important meetings. It keeps you from revealing too much information or committing yourself too early. A true leader knows, in some situations, it’s way more important to speak last than to speak first.

Problems are opportunities

The mantra of the entry-level sales person is “Every no is one step closer to the yes.” Keep this attitude, and you’ll make a rapid rise to the top of any situation. Once you learn how to overcome obstacles and meet problems with solutions, you’ll be delivering results and proving your leadership capabilities on a regular basis.

Relationships are the key to success

Success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. As an entry-level sales person you’ll build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with your clients. In the future the ability to create and sustain good working relationships will help you to assemble creative, dynamic, productive teams.

The skills you develop as an entry-level sales person will stay with you forever – and they’ll help you grow into a powerful leader who earns the respect and commitment of the people around you, in business and in your personal life.

Secrets To Get Your Entry-Level Sales Resume In The Call-Back Pile

There’s one big sale you’ve got to make before you begin your entry-level sales career, and that’s YOU.

stack of resumesIt’s true – your first sale is convincing a recruiter to give you a second look with a winning, focused resume. To get a call back and land an interview for your entry-level sales job, use these resume secrets:

Customize your objective

As much as possible, tailor your objective to the specific job. Let the recruiter know you’ve gone to the trouble of finding out something about the company and the role you’d like to play in that company. If you’re applying for more than one entry-level sales job, make the extra effort to personalize your objective for each one – even if the positions are similar.

Showcase your skills in relevant and clear-cut terms

Sales is, by its nature, a competitive business. If you worked as a server in a local restaurant and consistently had the highest average price per ticket, say so. You’ll look like a much better candidate than the person who simply says they waited tables for two years.

Recruiters looking to fill entry-level sales positions are looking for winners – so if you’ve won any awards, be sure to include an “awards and achievements” section in your resume. Participating successfully in competitions is often a sign of a great potential salesperson.

Target your words for high impact

Use the company’s job description to pinpoint the qualities your recruiter is looking for. Then describe yourself in words that reflect those qualities. Some possible examples include:

  • Competitive
  • Self-motivated
  • Driven to succeed
  • Hard-working
  • Outgoing

Use real-life examples to show exactly how you’ve demonstrated these qualities.

Eliminate all errors

Nothing is infallible — not even SpellCheck. Ask your friends to read over your resume for errors. Read it out loud to yourself, or read it backwards from the bottom up. Any of these are great ways to spot mistakes you might otherwise miss.

Your resume is your “elevator pitch,” and every part of it should be designed to sell your skills and land you an entry-level sales job. Portray yourself as the winner you are, and get ready to soar!

Life After Graduation: How A Sales Career Can Help With “Life Shock”

sales after graduationLife shock – it’s that scary moment after graduation when you realize everything just changed forever. You’ve got to figure out how to cope with responsibilities without the supportive school environment you’re used to. Choosing an entry-level sales career is a powerful way to counteract that shock.


Being in school provides you with a lot of motivation to succeed — you’re learning as much as possible and trying to pull those high grades. After graduation, though, you lose those motivators. Many recent grads find little to get excited about in their first jobs.

But an entry-level sales job provides you with a ton of motivation to succeed! The faster you develop your skills and the better you get at your job, the more money you make. Now that’s some genuine motivation!

Social connections

After graduation, social groups tend to scatter. Friends who have been part of your life for years may suddenly end up across the state or the country. In an entry-level sales job, you’re meeting new people and making new friends every day.

And even better, building new relationships is part of your job as an entry-level sales associate. The more connections you make, the better you’re doing your job. It might be the only work you’ll find where you get paid for making friends.


There’s no denying that your college years can be really exciting. And leaving school for the “real world” feels like a big letdown for a lot of college grads. But one of the coolest things about an entry-level sales job is that no day is ever the same!

You can look forward to an infinite variety of experiences as a sales associate because you’re always meeting new people and encountering new situations. Better yet, there’s the excitement of closing a sale. Most sales professionals will tell you they get a real rush from making a sale, and it’s a feeling that never gets old.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by life shock after graduation – not when you can start your new life with a motivating, social, exciting job in sales!

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