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How to Handle Slow Periods in a Sales Job

lemonadestand-31011188_sAs the sun shines brighter, the temperatures climb higher, and the days are longer, people rejoice because it’s summer.

However, if you’re in sales, you may not feel so celebratory right now. Summertime has been a notoriously tough time for retail and similar businesses. It could be that people are in and out of the office from June until August to make the most of the sunny weather, but all of that productivity that you had going for you seems to have tapered off as the heat rises. If you’re experiencing the summer slowdown in your sales job, here’s how to handle it.

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Don’t Waste Your Summer – Get Engaged In An Exciting Opportunity!

sales-woman-4After four years of college it can be very tempting to just take it easy, travel around, have fun with friends and generally forget about your recent hard academic grind any way you can.

But you are not a kid anymore – this really is the first day of the rest of your life – and now is the time to explore an exciting new career opportunity, possibly one you have not thought about before.

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Proven Sales Techniques Sales Reps Should Know – Part 3

Networking-Thinkstock-180463455You’ve landed your first job in sales and can’t wait to start networking. It’s true…reps in high commission sales jobs should make networking events a key component in their sales strategy. But that’s not where the sales happen. So before you put your name on the “Hello My Name Is” sticker, here are a few things you should know.

No time for selling

Many who are new to advertising sales and similar jobs make the mistake of thinking that networking events are an opportunity to sell. The reality is this: Networking events are all about making connections and building relationships. The sales will come later.

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