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How to Find a Sales Job without Prior Experience

sales job entry levelA sales job can be a rewarding career path that lets you make use of your communications and quick-thinking skills. If you just graduated from a university but you don’t have a bachelor’s in business, economics, or sales, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change directions. Even if your only jobs were in other fields, you can still find a sales job without having any prior experience. A lot of basic job searching tactics apply, but you’ll also need to show off some of your sales-y talents to impress a hiring manager.

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5 Things You Must Get Right in a New Sales Job

woman-handshake-13019777_sThe hard work that you put towards your job search has finally paid off. You’ve landed your first sales job and you couldn’t be more excited. However, underneath that anticipation is a ball of nervousness inside you. You want to do your best, selling to the largest number of customers possible. However, besides doing well, you also want to lay down the foundation for consistent future success.

Before you stride into the office for your first day on the job, make sure that you consider these five points, all of which are very important and which you must get right. While you’ll probably make a mistake or two on your first day or even your first week, the sooner that you get comfortable and familiar with these points, the better you’ll do at work.

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