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Why You Don’t Have To Use Cold Calls to Succeed in Sales

The cold call: for a new salesperson, calling potential customers out of the blue to inquire about their interest in your product can be terrifying. Phone communications remain a pertinent part of day-to-day operations in most workplaces, an unavoidable part of the job description. However, the concept of a cold call may be a little outdated, especially if your sales company is attempting to reach out to a younger generation of potential customers. This demographic is hardly used to speaking on the phone with their family or significant other, let alone a stranger trying to sell a product.

texting-34484401_sJust think of how you use your own personal phone on a daily basis. As a recent graduate just starting in the sales world, you likely keep in touch with friends, family, and former classmates through social media sites like Facebook or apps like Instagram. If you need to talk to someone, you can use that site’s chat app or you can send a text message. Calls are generally only for emergencies or annoying telemarketers. If you see that someone is ringing from a phone number that you don’t recognize, you’ll likely hit “ignore” or let the call go straight to voicemail.

A lot of people behave the same way. Plus, there’s the timing of cold calls. If you dial someone’s business while they are busy, they are not likely to have spare time to talk with you about your product. If you call early or late, they may not even be open. That’s not to say that you should completely and permanently abandon the idea of the cold call. It does have its place in certain instances.

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