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Five Ways to Handle Price Objections in a Sales Job

sales-woman-7In your life as a consumer, you’ve probably experienced it yourself: you walk into a store seeking a product (or visit a company’s website), take a look at the price of that product, decide it’s too much, and keep shopping elsewhere.

Now that you’re working as a salesperson though, seeing your customers reach that same conclusion would be a big disappointment. While you can’t necessarily lower the prices of your products, there are a number of ways that you can influence customers who are ready to jump ship. Here are five tactics for handling price objections:

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Do’s and Don’ts for your Entry Level Job Search

sales-woman-3Sales jobs are among the best paid in the current economy, so choosing to get into this field is a wise decision for long-term career growth. Of course, if you’ve just recently graduated college, you may be applying for as many jobs as you can. You may have had internships or part-time (and maybe even full-time) positions in the past, but this will be your first real job, so to speak.

While the economy is certainly in better shape than it was a few years back, it’s still a little shaky and in need of further stabilization. That doesn’t mean that you can’t chase your career dreams now though. You just need to know how. Here are some do’s and don’ts for landing an entry level job in sales.

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