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The Benefits of a Marketing Sales Job Compared to Other Sales Positions

woman-handshake-13019777_sWhile all sales jobs have the same purpose — to attract customers and entice them to buy a product or service — not all these jobs are the same. You could be involved in distributor sales, where you appeal to companies, or service sales, where you work with the customer to market services. There’s also direct sales, where you sell products to customers in a retail environment. Direct sales can also apply to business-to-business or B2B.

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An Entry-Level Advertising Sales Job Can Lead to Big Success

sales-woman-7Just because you decided to study another major in college doesn’t mean that you can’t find a fantastic and financially rewarding job in sales once you graduate. You don’t even necessarily need a business degree. If you spent time studying or majoring in advertising or marketing, you can get an entry level job in sales that makes use of your bachelor’s degree and can, within your first year, lead to a five-figure salary if you dedicate yourself to the job and achieve all your goals. Here are just some job titles that you could possibly have as an advertising and marketing salesperson.

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