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How to Make the Career Jump to Sales with No Prior Experience

Although the state of the economy has improved in recent years, many graduating college students still don’t exactly have their pick when it comes to which job they’ll take. Many, fearing unemployment, accept any nine-to-five or even part-time work. This can lead to dissatisfaction early on as you work in a job that doesn’t makeĀ use of your associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

entry-level-marketing-jobsYou’re far too young to be miserable at your job, but what can you do? Starting over doesn’t seem like an option. Switching careers seems practically impossible. So you soldier on, looking for better work during your lunch breaks and after five o’clock. You can find better work more easily than you think, especially if you’re interested in sales. Some of these no-experience jobs are perfect for college graduates who want a career instead of job-hopping.

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No Experience Jobs: Breaking Into the World of Sales

It’s a Catch-22 that many college students will experience upon graduation: they see a job that they really want, but it requires years of experience. The only way to get such experience though is by working. Frustrated and trapped, you ignore the majority of job listings and settle for the ones that will accept you.

No-Experience JobThis can be a long, slow trudge and typically leads from hopping from one job to another as something better becomes available. Instead of all that stress, why not start at a sales job soon after graduating? Getting a no-experience job in sales is possible, and it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. As long as you’re patient and passionate, you’re on the right track.

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