Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to Get a Job as an Account Manager

account-manager-9201835_sWhen you start at a new sales job, you’re eager to excel. One of the benefits of working in sales is that there’s plenty of room for advancement. With enough passion and experience, you could move up the career ladder and become an account manager. Sometimes called a community account manager, your job is to track sales progress while finding new customers and clients for your company. You’re also in charge of keeping up with current customers and clients, reaching out to them every so often.

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Entry Level B2B Sales – An Outstanding Opportunity for Recent Grads

Graduation time is coming soon for thousands of college seniors across America, and many of them do not have a job or even know what they want to do with their new degrees. If this sounds like you, don’t be discouraged because it happens to many many people as they continue exploring life and finding their place in it.

b2bsales-42257491_sYou may never have thought of this before, but now is the time to think seriously about the benefits of an entry level B2B sales job. What does that mean? It means you work for a business that sells to other businesses (B2B) instead of B2C, which would mean selling to consumers.

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