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B2B Sales Jobs: How to Work with Businesses Instead of Consumers

IMG_9977At this point in your life or career, if you’ve done any selling, you’ve likely dealt exclusively with consumers, aiming to sell them products or services. You may have worked in a store or other retail location and thought about who these customers are and how to sell to more of them.

This type of consumer sales is known as B2C, or business-to-customer marketing. However, there’s another whole area of marketing known as B2B, or business-to-business marketing, that you may want to learn more about. You might also want to consider the many benefits of a career in this field. Developing your skills in B2B will make you a more valuable asset to any B2B business, and there are hundreds of thousands of them nationwide.

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How to Get an Entry-Level B2B Sales Job

IMG_9991If you’ve had your eye on a sales job, you’re probably thinking you’d be interacting with consumers, trying to convince them to buy and become regular, loyal customers. You probably didn’t know this type of sales has a name though: business-to-consumer or B2C marketing. There’s another side of sales and marketing known as business-to-business or B2B marketing that in many ways has even more potential.

You’ve likely heard of the term B2B before, but what does it really mean? You’re still selling, but this time it’s products, ideas, and services to another business. Both companies need to get something out of the deal. Instead of pitching to consumers, you could be pitching to company owners and other key players. It’s a different type of job than a B2C position, often offering even more opportunity for career and income growth. You’ll probably start in an entry-level position and progress from there.

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