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How to Excel in Your New Sales Rep Job

sales rep job

You can’t help but be excited; after spending some time searching during your first summer as a college graduate, you landed a job as a sales rep. You did plenty of research into the position before you applied. You know you’ll be doing lead generation for potential customers while interacting with current customers. You know communication sometimes entails facetime on location. You couldn’t be more excited.

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How to Get a Sales Rep Job with No Prior Work in Sales

IMG_0022Working as a sales representative can be quite a rewarding job. You’ll split your time between dealing with coworkers and with customers. You’ll comb through databases and contact lists and then reach out to potential customers and clients. As mentioned, this title is very customer-focused, too. You’ll communicate with customers daily, either through the phone, email, or face-to-face, listening to their concerns and explaining how your product can meet their needs.

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