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Advertising Sales – What To Expect In Your First Week On The Job

advertising salesCongratulations! You landed yourself a job in advertising sales, where you’ll be a part of a major company involved in traditional media or other advertising businesses like community promotions.

It’s your job to get your customers to purchase advertising provided by your company. You’re super excited to start your job, but you have to admit, you’re super nervous, too. After all, you don’t have any prior sales experience. You can talk to people and you’re good at convincing people, but you probably haven’t ever sold anything, let alone advertising.

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Looking for a Job in Advertising Sales? Here’s What You Need to Know as a Recent Grad

advertising salesWith college behind you, you’re now beginning to consider your career more seriously than ever. However, after searching job boards, attending networking events, and even having a few interviews, you’re starting to learn that it’s not as easy to find a job as you thought it’d be. You want to do something exciting and meaningful while avoiding monotony. You want to enjoy your job and be happy to go to work every day.

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Using Recent College Experience in Outside Sales Jobs

sales-woman-7Outside sales is not your typical sales position. Rather than standing behind a counter selling to customers in a store (inside sales), those that take part in outside sales are out in the marketplace working directly with customers, businesses, and community leaders to find out what is happening in their territory and to really feel the market. As such, recent college graduates can provide a great untapped resource for many companies that rely on a hard-working salesforce.

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