3 Compelling Reasons to Get an Entry Level Sales Job

College is a rich, life-affirming experience. For the first time, a student is on their own and decides which topics to study and what their potential career will be. You may have heard about the lucrative field of sales from a friend, classmate, parent, relative, or school staff member.

Businesswomen shaking handsHowever, you’re just not sure about it. Perhaps you’re already a college senior who has spent the better part of four years studying a field unrelated to sales and business. Luckily, most entry-level sales positions don’t require any prior related experience. If your attention is piqued and you’re seriously thinking of getting into sales, here are three compelling reasons to pursue this wonderful career path:

  1. You Make a Difference – Everyone wants to feel like they’re making a difference in their jobs. Since you spend such a great portion of your life at work, you need to feel like your purpose is meaningful and that you’re doing more than pushing papers. A job in sales can provide you with that feeling. As soon as you convince a customer to buy your product or service, you know that you’ve done yourself proud and your company proud. You can also track your progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to see how much you’ve grown. You’re always moving forward in a job like this and not sitting stagnant and doing the same thing day in and day out.

  2. You Help Your Office and Your Customers’ Lives Improve– Even better than that, your job will involve you developing a long-term customer base. The efforts that you put in now, even though your job is at the entry-level position, can lead to recurring customers for years to come. You’re immediately benefiting the company and bettering it long-term as well. That leads to feelings of productivity, motivation, and personal satisfaction, all of which will push you to do more and to do even better in the future.Besides helping your company, you’re also helping the world around you. If your products allow your customers to be fitter, healthier, or happier, then they increase the overall wellbeing of the customer. It’s easy to support a product like that wholeheartedly. Similarly, if you sell a service that truly helps people meet a need, of course you’re going to be enthusiastic about your job. It will be easier for you to sell because your natural passion will come off so easily that it will be infectious. At the end of every day, you’ll go home pleased with yourself and the work you do.

  1. You Develop Lasting Relationships – Lastly, you’ll be able to enjoy a good sense of camaraderie. While you will work and sell alone in most instances, you’re on a larger team with your coworkers. You’re all working towards the same objective, which is to sell products or services, gain new customers, and keep all customers happy. You can learn from your coworkers and they from you. You’ll also have a group of people that you’re comfortable and familiar with who may just become your new friends as you get to know each other better. Combining these factors, it’s easy to see why working in sales would be so desirable for new graduates. To learn more about entry-level sales opportunities at LogoNation, click here.
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