3 Great Opportunities For New Sales Careers

[post]sales careersBreaking into the world of sales can be a challenge. Many entry-level positions, even for candidates with a degree or training certificate in marketing and sales, only offer commission or require a certain number of sales per week from the very beginning. On the job training is often nonexistent or simply not sufficient for helping newcomers establish a strong sales routine. If you’re interested in becoming a B2B sales expert but don’t have time to go back to school for a whole new degree, taking an entry level sales position with LogoNation could help you get the sales careers you’re dreaming of while earning a paycheck from day one.

Sales Careers as Community Account Manager

Most of the sales team at LogoNation are considered community account managers (CAM). When you first become a CAM with LogoNation, you’re assigned a geographical territory that has at least 25 small towns in it. Instead of going and marketing products directly to the residents of those towns, you’re marketing a T-shirt that the businesses of the town can use as advertising. It’s far easier to talk business with a business owner and get them to sign up for the program, so it’s a good way to ease into sales and LogoNation will give you excellent training. Building connections and relationships with the businesses in your towns will result in a wave of sales, landing you plenty of commission on top of the salary you receive just for doing your best. To support your work, you’ll receive plenty of ongoing training, gas and vehicle use compensation, and all the benefits like health insurance and paid vacation time.

Account Executive Sales Careers

Do you already have a few years of experience with sales under your belt, or a degree in communications or a similar field? You may want to consider the account executive position instead. You’ll still be traveling to your territory to set up the LogoNation T-shirt promotion program, but you’ll be able to use a more authoritative sounding title on your business cards. With some dedication and hard work, you can earn up to $100,000 in this position in your first year. Even if you fall short of all your sales goals, you’ll still earn far more than minimum wage while building your sales skills and expanding your resume. If later on you want to go after a high-pressure sales position with a bigger firm, your experiences with outside sales in the B2B field will make you a very attractive candidate.

Internship in Sales Careers

Finally, don’t forget to consider an internship at LogoNation if you’re not sure you can handle the pressure of sales careers but still want the experience. You have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in commission while training, but you won’t be fired if you’re still struggling to catch the sales fever after a few weeks. Depending on your college, you may be able to get credits while completing the internship since you’ll be working one-on-one with a sales executive to learn the tricks of the trade.

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