3 Simple Rules For Your Entry-Level Career Interviews

3-simple-rules-20790924_sWhen you’re interviewing for an entry-level sales job, it’s important to remember that you only get one shot at making a good first impression. You’re no longer in college, which means there are no makeup exams and no extra credit projects. In other words, there are no second chances. Here are 3 simple rules to help make your entry-level career interview a good one for all concerned:

  1. Be on time

Being punctual is a good practice in everything you do. And when it comes to arriving for your interview, it is absolutely imperative. Hiring managers are busy people. If they’ve set aside time to interview you, you can be certain they’ve had to juggle their schedule to make it happen. Showing up late for an interview is basically the same as telling them you don’t respect their time, and you place very little importance on meeting deadlines…not exactly star candidate attributes.

  1. Be prepared

Dusting off your suit and tie and asking your roommate which pair of shoes you should wear is not enough to prepare you for your interview. Check out the company’s website to find out as much as you can about their main objective. Make some notes on your findings, and come up with a few relevant questions to ask during your interview. Showing your interest in the company is a great way to let them know you’re serious about the sales representative job they’re hiring for.

  1. Be honest

During the interview, you’ll likely be asked about your experience in areas you may not have listed on your resume. It can be very tempting to stretch the truth a bit, especially when you’re asked experience-related questions in person. Because let’s face it — every entry-level sales candidate wants to impress the interviewer.

But being anything other than completely honest is certain to cause big problems in the event you are actually hired for the job. So instead of conjuring experience you’ve never had, simply share your openness to learn new things. Where possible, draw a parallel between work you’ve done that is similar to the experience in question.

It’s never easy being one of many candidates for what seems like only a handful of sales representative jobs. So give yourself a competitive edge and make a great impression by following these 3 simple rules.