3 Truths About Salespeople You Need To Know

indep-sales-rep-15383866_sAs you set out to begin your exciting new career in entry-level sales, try not to believe the negative press you may hear about sales and sales representatives.

Like with any profession, we tend to hear more about negative encounters than we do about the positive. Psychology suggests that people more readily make complaints than offer positive feedback, that is, unless solicited.

What that means is, many of the stereotypical behaviors associated with sales and its reps are greatly exaggerated…myths, in fact.

So let’s review a few truths about salespeople that are often “myth-perceived”.

Most salespeople are honest.

Many consumers think all salespeople will tell any lie just to make a sale. This is just baffling to most in the industry, as a successful career in sales can only be built by creating trusting relationships to generate repeat business and customer referrals. The truth is: Most successful salespeople are honest, hard-working individuals who believe in the product or service they’re offering.

Most salespeople care about more than just money.

Of course money is important. But just because a salesperson is eager to close a sale doesn’t mean that money is all he or she cares about. It could be that the salesperson is working to ensure the customer receives the best deal, which could be available only during a certain period.

The best salespeople talk — but they listen more.

While a salesperson needs to do his or her fair share of talking to explain the company’s offering(s) to a potential customer, the best reps will actually spend more time listening. How else would he or she be able to determine the best solution for a customer’s needs?

So new grads considering a career in sales should have nothing to fear. Some of today’s best salespeople have high paying sales jobs and feel their career is very rewarding.

Now you know the truth about sales. The next time you see a great company you’d love to work for is advertising sales jobs, fine-tune your resume and go for it!