4 Secrets To Getting A New Entry-Level Marketing Job Fast

You’ve just finished school and celebrated graduation day with family and friends. Congratulations on your hard-earned, snazzy, new tassel! Now comes the fun part: Finding a job that’s right for you. No idea where to start? Why not consider an entry-level marketing job?

entry level marketing jobMany of the skills gained while in college are the same skills you can use to get hired in an entry-level marketing job. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who exhibit those type of skills, because they know it’s the stuff that makes for the most successful sales agents.

So, how do you get the job you want? Here are 4 secrets to help you land that job fast:

  1. Have an honest, succinct resume. Show your stuff without showing off.
  2. Make yourself stand out. Articulate what makes you a better catch than all the other applicants.
  3. Be specific in your ambitions. Knowing what you want will help you get it.
  4. Put your college student skills to work for you:
  • Be a good listener
There’s a stereotype that people in sales love to hear themselves talk. But in reality the best sales and marketing people are better at active listening than they are at talking. You have to be able to really hear what your customers want in order to tell them what they need.
  • Be a self-starter –
To be successful in an entry-level marketing job, you need to have the motivation to get things done without someone looking over your shoulder. Your future bosses need to know they can count on you to accomplish your tasks and get the job done right.
  • Do your homework –
Before an interview, research the company and the products or services they sell. This will show your potential employer you’re serious about the position and willing to put in the effort to learn about new products or customers once you have the job.
  • Ask questions –
For years, your teachers and professors have said, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Remember that. Asking questions demonstrates your interest and shows you want to know more. This is a great skill to utilize when interviewing for an entry-level marketing job and when interacting with customers.

Put these steps to work, and you’re a big leap ahead of the pack. You’ll have your first entry-level marketing job you before you know it!