4 Things You Should Know To Market Yourself For A Sales Job

jobinterview-8740332_sIn today’s competitive job market, you need more than just job skills – you need to be marketable. Recruiters already know you have the skills for entry-level sales. They saw all that on your resume, and it’s why you got the interview. Your marketability is what’s going to get you the job.

If you don’t get a call back after the interview, you many never know why. That’s because recruiters have just one responsibility: to find the right person for the job. They don’t get paid to give you feedback, and, due to the overwhelming number of applicants in the job pool, they likely won’t have the time.

Want to increase your marketability and your potential for a call back? Take a look at this list of four things you should know that most sales recruiters won’t tell you.

1. Spend more time on your look.
If you don’t look the part, you don’t get the job. Make a good first impression with your appearance. Come to the interview looking professional, neat and well-groomed. Don’t try to be sexy. Go light on the perfume or cologne.

2. Work on your personability.
The decision to keep you as a contender for the entry-level sales position is totally up to the recruiter. If you and the recruiter don’t click, your chances are probably shot. You want to come across as confident, friendly, attentive and personable. Start and close the interview with solid eye contact and a firm handshake. Thank the interviewer for his or her time.

3. Improve your communication skills.
Good communication skills are key in entry-level sales. Speak clearly and professionally, using proper grammar and avoiding foul language. Listen attentively and nod occasionally to show you are listening.

4. Clean up your social media accounts.
A first impression doesn’t have to be formed in person. Social media does the job as well. Inappropriate posts and pictures online may send the wrong message about you to recruiters. Clean ‘em up as soon as you can.

In addition to a spotless resume, follow these few steps to avoid getting in the sea of not-quite-good-enough applicants. Remove the guesswork out of increasing your marketability at your entry-level sales interview, and start your rewarding career today.