5 Interview Questions That Will Get You Noticed In An Interview

sales job interviewAt the end of every interview, the hiring manager will most certainly ask, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Your answer should always be a resounding YES!

Asking good questions is the perfect way to show that you’re a qualified candidate for a job in marketing. It’s also an opportunity to help you determine if the job would be a good fit for you.

So what kinds of questions do you ask? Here are 5 interview questions that will get you noticed with a potential employer:

What’s your company’s biggest challenge?

Most interviewers will spend time sharing the company’s vision but will spend little time discussing its challenges. This question shows that you’re thinking of the bigger picture — and not just a typical candidate looking for a sales and marketing job.

How would you describe your company’s culture?

Remember, even though this is an entry-level sales job, you want to convey that you are not looking for just a job but a career. Factoring in cultural fit should be critically important in your decision making process.

What do you believe most successful candidates in the role have in common?

This is a great way to have the interviewer show their cards. Most interviewers will take the bait and tell you about previous successes from prior candidates. If the list includes a skill or trait you forgot to mention, this is the perfect time bring it up.

Can you tell me about your opportunities for development?

Asking about learning opportunities, such as training or seminars, will show your eagerness to grow with the company.

Do you have any questions about my qualifications?

This is a gutsy move, but it gives you another opportunity to address any gaps you make have left during the interview. It also shows that you are confident in your abilities and ready for the challenge.

You’ve done the hard part — successfully landing the interview. Now that you’re at the finish line, use these questions to bring it home!