5 Things You Must Get Right in a New Sales Job

woman-handshake-13019777_sThe hard work that you put towards your job search has finally paid off. You’ve landed your first sales job and you couldn’t be more excited. However, underneath that anticipation is a ball of nervousness inside you. You want to do your best, selling to the largest number of customers possible. However, besides doing well, you also want to lay down the foundation for consistent future success.

Before you stride into the office for your first day on the job, make sure that you consider these five points, all of which are very important and which you must get right. While you’ll probably make a mistake or two on your first day or even your first week, the sooner that you get comfortable and familiar with these points, the better you’ll do at work.

  1. Listen

Your first few days on the job will likely be spent training and learning the ropes at your sales office or community location. You’ll be introduced to a flurry of people and taught skills, computer programs, and how to use the phone at a very fast rate. Your boss or manager will also likely offer plenty of valuable tips on how to succeed. It’s easy for your own internal dialogue to drown all of this out. Go in calmly and be ready to listen, taking mental (or physical) notes for your own benefit later. If you can listen to your boss now, think of how much that you’ll impress your customers with your listening skills.

  1. Ask Questions

Of course, if something isn’t clear to you right away, don’t pretend that it is. This will only hurt your sales numbers later. However, it’s also important that you’re not listening to what your manager or boss says with a question swimming around in your head the whole time. Listen openly and ask questions organically as they spring to mind. Don’t be afraid to ask the stupid or obvious question. It’s better to get it out of the way than agonize over it.

  1. Befriend the Customer

Every company dreams of repeat business with loyal customers that can’t get enough of a product or service. Customers like to feel valued and more than just a number. A good way to differentiate yourself from other salespeople in your are then is to be friendly towards your customers. By setting up a rapport between you and them, you’re creating a bond that they won’t soon forget. Don’t be surprised if they refer friends or family to your company.

  1. Learn the Customer

As a salesperson, you’re attempting to sell a product or service to a large customer base. Of course, what one person wants may not be what interests another. To figure out which audience segment to target, you need to learn each individual customer. Ask about their hobbies and interests then redirect them to a product or service that you sell that you think may be best suited for them.

  1. Focus on Product Benefits

Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in your sales routine where you spout off the newest and greatest technology and other features that your products boast. While this sales tactic may appeal to a certain demographic, people in general really want to know what a product will do for them and how it will improve their lives. If you focus more on a product’s benefits, you may see your sales numbers increase.

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