5 Tips For Building Your Confidence When Seeking Sales Careers

sales careersCustomers and business owners can tell when you’re less than perfectly confident in the sales pitch you’re making. Even if you think you’re portraying a perfect image of confidence, tiny signs leak through to erode your stance and can cause you to lose the sale. Polishing your confidence is essential no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to, so try these tips for making a stronger stand in your sales careers.

Build Your Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of engines might seem like a natural fit for a cars salesman, but this tip works for all sales careers. For example, LogoNation’s main product is a promotional T-shirt. Having some statistics on hand about how many people wear T-shirts, what kind of conversion rates can be expected from a promotional shirt, and even some facts about how certain designs draw people in can make it much easier to seal the deal with a business that isn’t convinced about joining the program. Even an explanation of the screen-printing process could be the knowledge you need to win someone over.

Set Small Goals

Yes, being able to earn more just by selling more is the biggest benefit of sales careers. However, failing to meet your self-made goals will only erode your confidence. Start with a sales goal you know you can achieve within the first three to four days of the week. Stick to that goal for a few weeks until you have a chain of successes under your belt, then go up to the next higher goal level. Setting yourself up for success without a chance for failure helps you build the confidence you need to reach more challenging goals.

Track Your Mistakes – And Fix Them

Did you fail to follow up quickly enough with one lead, or accidentally use a less than positive phrase when describing something? Try to figure out at least one reason for each failed sale and keep a notebook with the information. Flipping back through your failures every month or so will help you track patterns that you need to fix, such as coming on too strong when a lead is unsure. Knowing why some sales fall through is a great way to improve your overall approach and learn to tell exactly what tactic works best in a specific situation.

Collect Testimonials

Of course, it’s not healthy or helpful to only collect your failures. Anytime a customer praises you or a manager gives you a compliment, write that testimonial down as well. Not only will reading these cheerful compliments boost your self-esteem, they can also be used as a sales technique when you share how another customer was pleased by the service you convinced them to try.

Practice Delivery

Finally, polish your confident voice, since how you say a pitch matters more than just what you’re saying. In fact, psychology studies show you can tell someone you’ll actually lose them money and convince them it’s a good idea with the right tone of voice and speaking pattern. Consider training seminars to learn how to project confidence in a way that causes your lead to pick it up and feel it too.

Get Good Sales Training

If you are fortunate enough to work for LogoNation, you’ll receive initial and on-going training in sales and related techniques that will further boost your sales career. Learn more about sales careers at LogoNation here.