How You Can Find An Entry-Level Marketing Job Out Of College

entry level marketing job applicant

It’s that time of year again, when college seniors graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives – hopefully finding a good job. While some of these graduates will have jobs lined up ahead of time, not all of them will. If you’re in that latter group, don’t worry. An entry-level marketing job could be a great solution for you.

Of course, you may be wary if you didn’t spend the past four or more years studying marketing. However, you might have taken at least one marketing class, business or communications courses and learned at least some actionable skills that you can use to help you in your job search. Even if you majored in a totally different field, keep an open mind about this great opportunity. Here’s what you have to do to find a rewarding entry-level job in the world of marketing.

First, have a good attitude. While for years, graduates have faced a dismal job market once they leave college, 2016 marks a change in that more jobs have become available. That gives you the opportunity to get into a fantastic field like marketing even if you don’t necessarily have lots of experience.

Next, spruce up your resume and cover letter. For a marketing job, it helps if you’re handy on the computer (in word-processing and image-editing software), you know how to work as part of a team, you are convincing but not coercive, you have interesting ideas, you’re good at reviewing analytics and other data, you can write, and/or you have exemplary communication skills.

As you can see, those skills are fairly general, meaning you didn’t even necessarily have to major in marketing to break into this field. As you write your cover letter, think of times in your classes, extracurricular activities, or internships where you used the above skills and got results. Make sure to highlight these moments in both your cover letter and your resume.

Now you can begin job-hunting. Apply to entry-level jobs that best match your skills, experience, and professional needs. In the meantime, attend as many networking events in your area as you can. Although it’s possible to get a foot in the door yourself, having someone who can vouch for you is always better. You could even learn about opportunities that you didn’t know were available.

Eventually, you will start getting interviews. Remember to let your enthusiasm shine. Give a firm handshake and speak confidently about your professional background. Read all you can about your potential employer on their website and other online sources. If you have a cool new idea for a product or service, make sure to pitch it. Even if that idea never comes to fruition, a marketing hiring manager will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity.

With time, patience, and perseverance, you can find an incredible entry-level marketing job right out of college. Need a bit of extra help? No problem. Just contact LogoNation. This North Carolina-based marketing and advertising company can help you find entry-level jobs near you and is now hiring entry-level marketing people across the U.S. To learn more, contact LogoNation today.