Don’t Waste Your Summer – Get Engaged In An Exciting Opportunity!

sales-woman-4After four years of college it can be very tempting to just take it easy, travel around, have fun with friends and generally forget about your recent hard academic grind any way you can.

But you are not a kid anymore – this really is the first day of the rest of your life – and now is the time to explore an exciting new career opportunity, possibly one you have not thought about before.

Give serious thought to becoming a community manager for LogoNation, a fast-growing company that focuses on training and nurturing recent grads to succeed through outside sales of products that truly benefit local communities and their small to mid-size businesses.

LogoNation specializes in a product known as the CommuniTee™, a community t-shirt that features a custom graphic of the local area on the front, and small colorful ads for local businesses on the back. Because CommuniTees are such a positive promotion of the town which they celebrate, they quickly become favorites of local residents and are often worn with pride not just in the area but when folks take vacations to other cities and states.

Your job as a community manager would be to visit local stores and businesses, present the CommuniTee to the owners, and explore ways they can use this as a valuable marketing and branding tool. Many merchants give their t-shirts as rewards to frequent customers, as prizes, or for special occasions. A number of the shirts are also donated to the community through the Chamber of Commerce, town hall or other institution, which uses them for a variety of special events and give-aways.

Community managers are now being sought in smaller towns and cities across America, and often people are able to start out working from home right where they live. The pay is very good, and those who perform well can earn much better than many other entry-level jobs.

Learning to sell in a friendly, relaxed way that truly helps other people is a skill that will last you a lifetime. You will soon be your own boss, managing your own time and learning habits of good discipline that will help you mature and become even more valuable in the marketplace.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Contact LogoNation today to learn more and discuss your questions and interests.