Do’s and Don’ts for your Entry Level Job Search

sales-woman-3Sales jobs are among the best paid in the current economy, so choosing to get into this field is a wise decision for long-term career growth. Of course, if you’ve just recently graduated college, you may be applying for as many jobs as you can. You may have had internships or part-time (and maybe even full-time) positions in the past, but this will be your first real job, so to speak.

While the economy is certainly in better shape than it was a few years back, it’s still a little shaky and in need of further stabilization. That doesn’t mean that you can’t chase your career dreams now though. You just need to know how. Here are some do’s and don’ts for landing an entry level job in sales.

First of all, you do have to be confident. The road ahead is hard. You’ll feel like you’re the perfect candidate for a position only to never hear back or you’ll have a few interviews but not get the job. You can’t let these setbacks deflate your self-esteem.

You do also have to be a little daring. This is the time to reach out to your personal network, including college professors, mentors, former classmates, former employers, and family friends. Ask them if they know of any openings in the sales world. A referral like that could be your path to your first exciting sales job.

Don’t just send out the same resume and cover letter for each application. Tailor your experience, peppering in keywords that were included in the job listing. Don’t be afraid to check in after a few weeks if you haven’t heard back about your application. The same goes for an interview. If a week or two passes and no one has gotten in touch with you, feel free to call or email. Don’t reach out more than once though.

Make sure that you do clean up your social media presence. Any pictures from those wild college parties should be removed, as should any that show too much skin, are sexual, or are otherwise inappropriate. Go back through your social media history and delete any old posts that could raise red flags. Employers can and will look into your social media presence. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll choose another candidate for the job. This is a silly reason not to get the sales job of your dreams.

Don’t neglect to do your research once you finally have an interview. Learn as much about the sales company as you can, combing its website and its LinkedIn page. Read the profiles and biographies of a few of its top employees to see what kind of sales jobs they had before ending up where they are now. Also, do come in with questions for the end of the interview. This is your chance to impress the hiring manager with your research. Whether you ask more about the company’s history or touch on a point that wasn’t mentioned during the interview, don’t waste this precious chance.

Lastly, do remember that finding a job takes a lot of time, effort, and determination. If you treat the search like it’s a job in and of itself and devote your week to it, it won’t be long before you find your first sales job. Consider LogoNation as an ideal place to find an entry level sales job. Click on this link to apply now.