Education and Experience Needed for an Entry Level Sales Job        

education-entry-level-sales-16983782_sA career in sales can be a rewarding and enriching one. However, whether you just graduated from college and you’re looking for your first full-time job, or you’re a more seasoned professional but you want to switch to a new career path, you might not be sure where to start to find a job in sales. With the right training and background, you’ll have the foundation necessary to land a dream sales job.

If you have an educational background in sales and marketing, you’re already on the right track. You may have had a major completely unrelated to sales and now find that it’s not applicable in the real world. However, with some training, you can still shine doing entry-level sales.

If you are still in college, ask your professors or mentor about any sales training that may be available at your school. If you already have your diploma, you can find online sales training courses that work with your schedule.

Besides education or training, you also need experience to find an entry-level sales job. As a recent college graduate, if you did an internship or had a part-time job during your four years at school, think of how the skills you picked up can apply to a sales position. Cherry-pick your experience that would apply to a career in sales and allow these to shine on your resume and cover letter. Even if you had no intentions of getting into sales before now, you surely learned some skills that are applicable that you can highlight.

Of course, most hiring managers want a candidate who is personable, hard-working, dedicated, and able to communicate clearly and concisely. The more passion you show for the position, the better. Emphasizing these skills during your interview gives you an advantage over other candidates.

You should also learn as much as possible about the company that you’re interviewing with before you meet with the hiring manager. Ask questions about the position to get a full scope of what your daily duties will entail.

A position in sales is a great way to meet new clients and customers, improve your communication skills, and show off your charming personality. Whether this is your first job or your tenth, it’s never too late to get into the rewarding field of sales.