An Entry-Level Advertising Sales Job Can Lead to Big Success

sales-woman-7Just because you decided to study another major in college doesn’t mean that you can’t find a fantastic and financially rewarding job in sales once you graduate. You don’t even necessarily need a business degree. If you spent time studying or majoring in advertising or marketing, you can get an entry level job in sales that makes use of your bachelor’s degree and can, within your first year, lead to a five-figure salary if you dedicate yourself to the job and achieve all your goals. Here are just some job titles that you could possibly have as an advertising and marketing salesperson.

  1. Sales Representative — This ideal entry-level job title goes by many names, but it gives you a valuable entree into the almost unlimited opportunities in sales and a marketing. You will generate leads and call on potential customers through outbound calling, on-location visits and email marketing. Your growing knowledge will make it easy to address concerns or questions that arise during your day-to-day working life. You may market or resell your company’s products or services to pre-existing customers as well. Recommended skills for this job include a willingness to train, learn, and improve.
  1. Account Manager — As an account manager, your primary job will be to lead accounts for your company and find lucrative new accounts to further its growth. You may work with a marketing or product manager at your home office to manage the cost of products. Other duties include maintaining customers, lead generation, dealing with conflict, and training others about new products. To excel in this position, you’ll need such abilities as being able to meet deadlines, negotiation, problem-solving, multitasking, and exemplary communication.
  1. Marketing Analyst — As a marketing analyst, you send out and review information that measures customer retention rate and product sales. Information may go out in the form of surveys sent right to customers’ email inboxes, but you may also directly call customers, conduct focus groups, or send out physical mail to generate data. You will probably use a customer relationship management or CRM software to aid you. You need to be able to look at your data to pinpoint areas where your company can improve. It helps if you have a background in business writing, you already know analytics software, and you’re good with Microsoft Excel or similar programs.
  1. Content Marketing Associate — Content marketing involves using messages, videos, images, blogs, and other media to capture the attention of customers and attract them to buy. As a content marketing associate, you may create such content yourself. You also may share this content between the marketing and sales departments at your office, you may do some event-planning, you may do research, and you may review data. If you studied writing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, public relations or if you are renowned for your creativity and ability to use image editing software, this could be an ideal job for you.

Although these seem like advanced titles that take years to earn, entry level college graduates just like you who have chosen a fantastic career in advertising and marketing sales have landed these positions relatively quickly. If you’re interested in sales, consider the exciting world of advertising and marketing. Contact LogoNation to learn about the exciting opportunities available to you!