Entry Level B2B Sales – An Outstanding Opportunity for Recent Grads

Graduation time is coming soon for thousands of college seniors across America, and many of them do not have a job or even know what they want to do with their new degrees. If this sounds like you, don’t be discouraged because it happens to many many people as they continue exploring life and finding their place in it.

b2bsales-42257491_sYou may never have thought of this before, but now is the time to think seriously about the benefits of an entry level B2B sales job. What does that mean? It means you work for a business that sells to other businesses (B2B) instead of B2C, which would mean selling to consumers.

As many people find out, selling to the public can be at best unpredictable and at worst really frustrating. You never know who is going to walk through the front door of a store and bring their emotional baggage with them.

By contrast, selling to small business owners can be very rewarding. Owning a small business demands a certain level-headedness just to keep going day to day. And if you can offer them something that will genuinely help their business, you’ll find business people who are receptive to what you have to sell. You’ll also learn a lot about all kinds of businesses and business people, which will be valuable knowledge for the rest of your working career!

One company that offers outstanding entry level B2B sales career opportunities is LogoNation Inc. LogoNation sells custom-printed t-shirts to small businesses in communities across America, calling their unique product The Original CommuniTee. The front of the t-shirt features a local scene such as a tourist attraction or a distinctive natural attraction, and of course the name of the town on the front. On the back are small ads and logos from local businesses who benefit from the brand recognition, community support and goodwill.

LogoNation also provides a full B2B sales training program, so you are set up to succeed! A district manager will travel with you as you learn the ropes of selling to business owners in your area. You also have the benefits of working from home, a great benefits package, and the opportunity to earn really good money – far more than most entry-level jobs.

So contact LogoNation today by visiting the LogoNationCareers.com website and learn more about the fun and rewarding career of B2B sales!