How to Excel in Your Career as an Account Manager

account-manager=35126028_sAn account manager, sometimes also known as a community account manager, is an exciting career choice for those who want to be a part of a winning sales team. Your responsibilities are multiple, including seeking out new clients, keeping in touch with current contacts, and tracking sales. You may work with local community organizations from time to time such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Account managers need to be steadfast, determined, good communicators, and, above all else, passionate about their jobs.

Are you interested in becoming an account manager? Here are some tips and advice on excelling in this exciting career path.

  1. Don’t Let Rejection Stop You — Rejection is an unavoidable part of life. You will part ways with customers and clients. People will turn down your services from time to time. Try not to take this personally or let it affect your work. When one client or customer disappears, others will come to take their place. These relationships have natural ebbs and flows.
  1. Always Work Towards a Goal — Your sales company has certain goals it wants to meet, whether these are sales numbers, customer quotas, or something similar. As an integral part of the company, you’re always working towards certain results. As you do so though, don’t lose sight of what really matters: customer and client satisfaction. Don’t become overbearing just to get more customers.
  1. Be Able to Lead — You may have a sales team that will rely on you to develop new customer and client relationships. Although a leadership role may be daunting at first, eventually you will become familiar with supporting your team and being the one they can go to when they have questions and concerns.
  1. Communicate Clearly at All Times — As an account manager, communication is the key to your job. Whether you communicate via the phone, email, video chat, or face-to-face, you always need to be clear. Avoid ambiguities and don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something – then go find the answer. Your word matters to your customers and clients. They trust in you, and you don’t want to damage that trust.
  1. Never Stop Learning — As you eventually get comfortable working as an account manager, your job will become easier and you’ll run into fewer obstacles. However, don’t let yourself get too comfortable. There’s always more knowledge you can glean. Whether you take some time to learn more about the history of your company or you attend conferences or take online classes to learn better communication skills and sales tactics, if you always keep your mind and your abilities fresh, you’ll be an indispensable part of any sales company.

Overall, the job of an account manager can be a challenging one at times, but it’s full of rewards. You can feel good knowing that you fostered the relationships with clients and customers that keep your company going. You can be proud of the sales team that you lead. A career as an account manager is a wonderful opportunity for those who excel in communication and are natural leaders. And with a company like LogoNation, the community account manager position offers outstanding earning opportunities. Learn more here.