How to Excel in Your New Sales Rep Job

sales rep job

You can’t help but be excited; after spending some time searching during your first summer as a college graduate, you landed a job as a sales rep. You did plenty of research into the position before you applied. You know you’ll be doing lead generation for potential customers while interacting with current customers. You know communication sometimes entails facetime on location. You couldn’t be more excited.

As an entry-level sales rep, you’ve been given the keys to career growth. With enough time, patience, hard work, and dedication, you can begin moving up the ranks in the sales world. You’re thrilled to start, but you can’t help but be a little nervous, too. After all, perhaps you didn’t study business or sales during your time in college. Maybe you were focused on an entirely different major.

You may have stuck with that major because you were hoping to get a job in that field or you mage good grades or because you couldn’t find something more suitable. However, once you started looking and saw what jobs were actually available, you realized your major wouldn’t be an ideal fit. Now you want to work in sales. Can you still do well, even without much prior job experience and no related education?

Absolutely. You just have to follow these tips for career success.

It’s totally okay to have first-day jitters. Just don’t be too nervous; your boss isn’t going to expect you to walk in the first day knowing everything about the company and how to sell its products or services. You’re going to be trained on the ins and outs of your job, from talking on the phone with customers to learning all about the company product to persuading customers to buy. Any prior sales knowledge or experience you have will benefit you, but if you’re not versed in sales, you will be.

Listen to what your boss tells you, beginning with your training. If you can, jot down notes. Never be afraid to ask questions. Of course, once your training is over and you start doing the job without supervision, you’ll likely have a few more questions. That’s fine. Bring these up to your boss as they come to mind. Asking questions is a sign of an inquiring mind eager to learn.

Remember to always be kind and courteous to customers. Patience comes into play, too. Customers may be curious about even the most basic features of your company’s product, and you will have to explain those features in detail. Extend that courtesy to your company’s existing customers as well. You never know who you may end up working for or working with in the future. Build a network of relationships that continues to grow throughout your career.

Head into work every day excited and passionate about what you do. Let that natural positivity shine in every interaction. That said, prepare for rejection from time to time. Not every customer is going to want to buy your product and that’s okay. Customers will come and they will go. That’s the natural ebb and flow of the sales world. It’s important to not get discouraged and not take these setbacks personally.

Overall, with passion for the job, a willingness to learn, and a dedication to your customers, you’ll excel as a sales rep. And one of the best companies to get that kind of experience – as well as outstanding opportunities to make money – is LogoNation. Contact LogoNation here to learn more.