Experienced Sales Rep Finds Working For LogoNation Fits Her Lifestyle Better

Being a sales representative for another company can be a good stepping stone to a sales career with LogoNation, where the freedom of movement and sales commission structure are superior in many ways. That was the experience for one of LogoNation’s sales representatives who previously worked in sales for a dog food manufacturer. Here is her story:

Being a sales rep for a premiere manufacturer of dog food mostly involved putting on educational seminars for dog breeders. It was a fun job, but not when I had young kids. It is not good when mom’s away from her young kids so much.  In a previous job I was co-owner of a pet store, but when the strip mall we were in went into decline, it was no longer viable.

interacting-peopleWhat I like best about my job now is the interaction with people. I love going into businesses – not necessarily selling, but more a matter of finding ways they can increase their sales through using LogoNation’s “Communitees” t-shirts.  For example they can offer it as an added premium for buying a more expensive product. This helps them get their dollar amount per sale higher. A lot of my customers who have done that find it works – in some cases leading to a huge increase in sales.

I like the traveling – going in and out of businesses – really helping these people utilize the shirts, get their name out there, and find an edge where they can be better than the competition. I also do a lot of United Ways – they love the shirts as rewards for companies that contribute.

Also LogoNation is a great company to work with. They are very good at what they do. Sales is hard, a busy job, but that’s the kind of stuff I like. Following the sales methods that LogoNation has developed is very effective, and I do a lot of training for new sales reps as well.

I’ve learned a lot by working for LogoNation. Before, I didn’t have to do a lot of research, but in this job you have to do a lot of research. Figure out what type of businesses are good for this kind of advertising before you approach them. Heating, plumbing, realty and insurance are good categories, for example, in almost any town. These people like being the only one in their category on the local t-shirts.

I’ve learned a lot about planning my day and streamlining my day for best results – I don’t just go door to door. For example certain “power” brand names are very receptive to our advertising approach, and LogoNation teaches that.

Motivation and confidence are important skills to be successful in this kind of sales job. You must be confident so you don’t get shot down. Be prepared with great rebuttals for why you should consider this. You have to keep that confidence up at all times.

Really good communication skills are also valuable – being able to talk easily with people, and being comfortable making presentations is important.

For recent college grads or others considering a sales position with LogoNation, I would say it’s important to understand the benefits and challenges of the job:

#1. It’s going to build your confidence

#2. When you go in and get a sale, you can have a good day when you’re flying on a cloud. But it’s important to understand that different businesses respond in different ways, and not to take that personally.

#3. You’ll learn valuable people skills – the more you go in there and work with people, the better you get.

#4. You’ll learn how to plan your day, figure our your goals for the day. You have quotas you are expected to hit, so you need to be very organized.

#5. It’s a good way for people to grow and get over shyness.

#6. You’ll learn how to overcome objections – how to work around them is a good thing to know.

#7. You should also consider taking other sales training classes. The Dale Carnegie class I took in the past was very helpful, especially about learning to provide rebuttals to objections by sales prospects. That said, the sales schools that LogoNation provides for all of its sales people are really great.

The owners of LogoNation are incredible. They give the best incentive packages! Every month they come up with new incentives – daily, monthly and quarterly bonuses and prizes – even gift cards, mini-ipads and other fun prizes. Overall their incentives to motivate people are outstanding. They are very generous with their rewards.

If you’ve never done sales before, the folks at LogoNation definitely know what they’re doing as far as training people. Their format for opening up a town and how to do it is very clear and works well. Their programs are well thought out. For example, if you get off the beaten path, your sales might fall. Go back to what they’re telling you, how to approach people, and you’ll find it really works well.

You also have contact with your manager on a regular basis, so you always feel connected.