Few Careers Offer The Income Potential That Sales Careers Offer

sales- money-car-15573159_sA recent article by Thomas Phelps on about.com notes that, “There are very few careers that offer the income potential that sales careers offer. While not all sales careers offer unlimited income potential, many do. In sales, your income is based on your performance…. Performance rewards come in the form of commission checks, quarterly and annual bonuses, trips, prizes and a slew of other incentives.”

Flexible Schedule

“Many outside sales positions come with the benefit of a flexible schedule,” Phelps notes. Companies like Logonation allow sales professionals to set their own schedules, as long as they can show the results to prove they are being productive. This allows the time to take a coffee break or run a personal errand as needed during the workday without having to make excuses to a boss. Many sales professionals find this much more enjoyable than being tied to a desk from 9 to 5.

Job Security

“The more valuable you make yourself to your employer, the less likely you are to be fired, replaced or be the victim of a ‘reduction in force,’” Phelps says. Even if a business is having serious problems due to the economy, competition or other factors, “successful sales people are usually the last to be cut…. Why? Cutting sales means cutting incoming revenue, which is not a good plan for a business looking to remain viable.”

“Another way that sales creates job security is that successful sales pros are seldom out of work for long,” says Phelps, a professonal sales coach. “Every business that sells a product or service needs effective sales people in order to drive their revenues. If you are good in sales, you have tremendous market value.”

The Thrill of Victory

“People like to win and to feel as if their work makes a difference,” Phelps points out. “And while every job serves a purpose and is important, many people are in jobs that are not emotionally rewarding to them. Not so in sales. There is nothing like the feeling of closing a big deal that not only puts a substantial bonus in your wallet, but also helps secure the jobs of support and admin staff. Knowing that your efforts … helped your customer solve a business issue can be more rewarding than the income earned.

“While the emotional rewards range drastically from sales job to sales job, and not all sales positions are rewarding at all, the thrill of your victories, the income rewards, the flexibility associated with sales and the fact that you, as a sales professional are creating and securing employment for others, make choosing a career in sales a very attractive option that you should consider.”

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