Finding a Sales Job that Lets You Work from Home

work-from-home-43001051_sImagine being able to work on your schedule, setting flexible hours that fit your lifestyle. Imagine being able to skip the morning commute, saving money on gas and sparing yourself the frustration that comes with some office parking lots. Imagine being able to work in your pajamas or your favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

These thoughts aren’t just pipe dreams; for those who work from home, this is their daily reality. More and more, working from home is becoming an easier way for employees to work and a more cost-effective measure for their employers. However, you don’t have to be a writer or an IT professional to reap the benefits of working from home. If you have just graduated college or soon will, consider getting a sales job that lets you work from anywhere.

As a sales representative, you can often address customer concerns and questions right over the phone and through email, although in many cases you will need to meet the customer in their own location first. To do your job, you only need a clear phone line and a reliable Internet connection. You’re not limited by physical location at all. While you may need to meet with customers face to face from time to time, you also may have the freedom to work from home and set your own schedule.

If this sounds like a career opportunity that you’re interested in, you may wonder how you can even get started. Searching for a work-at-home sales job is much like finding any other job. Look for listings online and make sure to network. Attend career events in your area and hand out plenty of business cards. When including your skills and background on those business cards and on a resume, cover letter, or job application, know that you don’t necessarily need prior sales experience to get a job in this exciting field. Most sales employers just want to see that you’re passionate, dedicated, hard-working, and willing to learn.

That said, if you’ve ever managed people, worked on the phone, persuaded people, worked in a retail store, or have any other relevant experience, make sure to include this. Don’t exclude internships and part-time jobs, as these may be the only experiences that a college graduate has. Make sure that you’re persistent when it comes to finding a dream sales job. Once you finally land an interview, prepare adequately and make sure to let your best qualities shine.

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to do a phone or video interview as opposed to an in-person meeting. You may very well be called into the office at some point, but considering that your position would be a more technological one, your employer may want to see how well you do with other technology. Treat a phone or video interview the same way that you would any other professional meeting: prepare, dress for the part (yes, even during a phone interview), and be confident.

A career in sales is a rewarding one with lots of room for growth. You can experience job success while working from your home if you find the right sales job. One of the best work-from-home sales jobs is offered by LogoNation Inc., which provides thorough training, management support, and opportunities to make an excellent income as you reach your goals. Learn more about these opportunities here.