How to Get a Job as an Account Manager

account-manager-9201835_sWhen you start at a new sales job, you’re eager to excel. One of the benefits of working in sales is that there’s plenty of room for advancement. With enough passion and experience, you could move up the career ladder and become an account manager. Sometimes called a community account manager, your job is to track sales progress while finding new customers and clients for your company. You’re also in charge of keeping up with current customers and clients, reaching out to them every so often.

If you want to find a job as an account manager, here’s what you need in terms of education, skills, and experience.


As a baseline, most account manager jobs will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree. If you studied marketing, sales, business, or public relations, you have a chance to put your degree to use. If you stayed in school longer and have a master’s degree, it should be even easier for you to find your dream job as an account manager. But some companies like LogoNation provide sales training no matter what your degree, so be sure to check out what they have to offer!


It’s not typically necessary to have a certification to get a job as an account manager. However, just like having a master’s degree, if you do have certifications in sales, public relations, or business, you’re sure to impress a hiring manager during an interview.


Since an account manager’s main job is to act as the company representative for customers and clients, you must be a good communicator. You’ll lead a sales team or be responsible for sales in multiple communities on a regular basis, so any leadership skills or experience will serve you well. If you’re good at using office software, writing, and organizing, these skills will also help when you’re looking for your next job.

Work Background

Prior sales experience is helpful for this job. If you have past leadership experience, make sure to highlight this on your resume. Similarly, outline every instance where your communication was excellent. If you’ve had a position in the past as a supervisor or manager, it will be easier for you to transition into your new role. However, at some companies like LogoNation, prior sales experience is not required due to the company’s excellent training program.

Now that you know what you need to find a job as an account manager, you can begin preparing your resume and cover letter. If you’re already in school, consider obtaining a master’s degree or a certification. If you just started at a sales job, start displaying your communication and leadership skills now. That should make it easier for you to eventually move up and become an account manager. If you’re looking for a sales job with account manager potential, check out what LogoNation has to offer.

You will have a lot of responsibilities as an account manager that go beyond just basic sales. You will need to be unafraid of rejection, since it will happen from time to time. You will have to be goal-centric and always work towards getting results. You also have to be friendly and personable to develop a lasting rapport with customers and clients. However, for all that work, this is truly an exciting and fantastic career choice for someone who dreams of a profitable, rewarding career and communicating with other key players in the sales world.