How to Get a Sales Rep Job with No Prior Work in Sales

IMG_0022Working as a sales representative can be quite a rewarding job. You’ll split your time between dealing with coworkers and with customers. You’ll comb through databases and contact lists and then reach out to potential customers and clients. As mentioned, this title is very customer-focused, too. You’ll communicate with customers daily, either through the phone, email, or face-to-face, listening to their concerns and explaining how your product can meet their needs.

If this sounds like the kind of career path you’d like to pursue, you’ll find there’s a lot to love as a sales rep. You’re always digging up fresh key contacts for your company and pleasing your existing customer base at the same time. If you’ve just graduated college or you plan to soon, you may be interested in pursuing a job as a sales rep.

However, what if you didn’t study sales? What if you didn’t even study business or economics? Do you have to look elsewhere? Actually, no. While jobs are somewhat more plentiful than they were in past years, the economy is still recovering, and for some college grads with little job experience outside of part-time positions and internships, it can be really tough to nab a good job.

With sales though, that’s different. Most sales companies welcome almost anyone who’s interested.  You must have a flair for persuasion, you must be a people person, and of course, you must be an excellent communicator. If you’ve had any type of customer service job during your time in high school and college, even on a part-time basis, this can help you get your foot in the door.

Again though, you may be reluctant because you have an unrelated college degree. No problem. Having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is impressive to most hiring managers looking to recruit salespeople. In fact, those with just a high school diploma are sometimes not encouraged to join the team.

Are you ready to change your life and jumpstart your career with a rewarding job in sales? You want your resume and cover letter to shine. Dig back through your career in academia to think of any instances in which sales skills came into play. Did you lead a group in a class during a successful report? Did you persuade your peers with a moving speech? Did you hold any kind of job where you dealt with customers?

Highlight those experiences above all else. Once your resume and cover letter are ready, you can start applying for jobs. Take time to network and attend local job fairs to help you find the perfect position. Remember, although you’re likely applying for an entry-level sales rep job, there’s often lots of room to grow. You may receive a new title and a pay increase if you work hard and keep at it.

You need to be perseverant in all this. You may not hear back from all companies and you may not ace all interviews. However, with your passion and willingness to learn, eventually you’ll find a sales company where you can start this exciting stage of your career.

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How to Get A Sales Job Without Sales Experience