Getting Back To The Job Search After The Holidays

It’s easy to lose focus on your job search during the holidays. In fact, many job seekers take a break until after the new year.

But this time of year offers opportunities you should be taking advantage of. At the very least, you should be putting a plan in place for getting restarted in January.

job search networkingNetworking opportunities

When you get together with family and friends, remind them that you’re seeking a job in entry-level sales. They may not know of a particular opening offhand, but they could hear of something once they get back to work.

Send out holiday cards with a short, personalized message to recruiters and other potential contacts, such as teachers, classmates and previous bosses. A thoughtful gesture such as this will keep your name fresh in their minds.

Volunteering is great way to network, and there’s no shortage of opportunities during the holidays. You’ll be doing something good for your community and you never know who else might be volunteering—maybe a recruiter or someone with a sales manager job—so be friendly and outgoing, and be sure to mention at an appropriate moment that you’ll be getting back to your entry-level sales job search after the holidays.

Next year’s plan

If you don’t plan to send out any resumes over the holiday, use this time to get caught up on any overdue tasks. The holiday break is a great time to get organized before you restart your search.

  1. Follow up. You should already be tracking which jobs you’ve applied for and followed up on. Double check this list and send out any overdue thank you correspondence to managers or recruiters you’ve interviewed with.
  1. Look for trends. Make a list of the phone screening or interview calls you’ve received. Then take note of where you found these particular jobs (i.e., through friends, a recruiter or an online job board) to identify any trends. Look to see which avenues have generated the most responses, and use this to guide your strategy for where to focus your continued search.
  1. Prepare to network. As the new year comes upon us, you’ll need to get back to networking right away. So review your list of professional connections, and set a schedule for making calls, including days and specific times. Keep track of who you’ve reached and their responses. This way you’ll be sure to remember who you’ll need to follow up with as the new year gets going – and you are ready for it!