To List Or Not To List – A Quick Guide For Crafting The Perfect Resume

After turning the tassel, many recent college graduates are consumed with the idea of living up to their parents’ and own self-set, post-graduation expectations. And if you’re like most, you’re in search of a place where you can learn, contribute and be compensated fairly – because there’s no better feeling than one of being wanted, recognized and rewarded for the skills you’ve just worked so hard to build.

resume-redbkgrd-15421357_sIf that sounds like you, then an entry-level marketing job in Little Rock or your own community may be a right fit. To score that gig, you first need a killer resume. Here are a few tips to help you craft the perfect entry-level marketing job resume and knock the socks off potential employers:

Customization is key

Customizing your resume for each and every application can be laborious. But as with anything you want, hard work is often required — and your willingness to work hard something you want recruiters to notice. So before sending off your “standard” resume, especially for the jobs you really want, consider customizing your resume objective, experience and skills to highlight what the recruiter will be looking for. Thankfully, they’ve provided a cheat: the job description.

Use the job description to match your language and skills with the ones they provide — only legitimate ones, of course. This is critical because many companies use talent management software to quickly scan and weed out applicants.

What happened in high school, stays in high school

While winning prom queen or king may give you bragging rights at your 10-year high school reunion, now that you’re a college grad, this type of accomplishment no longer has great significance. Instead, highlight your most recent activities including internships, class projects and organizations in which you participated and those that helped to shape your college experience. Be sure to mention those where you held a leadership role or made a significant contribution.

Grades might not be everything

Once you’ve secured your first post-college job, grades aren’t so important. But you must first get your foot in the door. If both your overall and major-specific GPA are below a 3.0 or “B,” leave your GPA unlisted. This way there’s a chance entry-level marketing job recruiters in Little Rock and elsewhere focus attention on your experience rather than your grades.

Now that you know what to include in your resume, you’ve got what you need to make that resume stand out. Best wishes in your job search!