How to Make the Career Jump to Sales with No Prior Experience

Although the state of the economy has improved in recent years, many graduating college students still don’t exactly have their pick when it comes to which job they’ll take. Many, fearing unemployment, accept any nine-to-five or even part-time work. This can lead to dissatisfaction early on as you work in a job that doesn’t make use of your associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

entry-level-marketing-jobsYou’re far too young to be miserable at your job, but what can you do? Starting over doesn’t seem like an option. Switching careers seems practically impossible. So you soldier on, looking for better work during your lunch breaks and after five o’clock. You can find better work more easily than you think, especially if you’re interested in sales. Some of these no-experience jobs are perfect for college graduates who want a career instead of job-hopping.

Be Prepared To Work Hard

That said, you must be prepared to work hard and apply yourself, both in hunting for a job and once you begin your first day of sales. While you can use your favorite online job search engine, one of the best ways to find a good company to work for is by networking. You’ve probably made a lot of connections during your time in college. Now is the time to use them. Tell people that you’re thinking of changing careers and getting into sales, and see if anyone has any leads.

Once you find some openings to apply to, you need to think about how you’re going to present yourself. If you didn’t study business but had a totally unrelated major, you can still work in sales. You just need to find something sales-related that you’ve done, either at an internship, a job, or in the classroom. By doing so, you prove that you’re potentially valuable to the company.

Remember that sales isn’t always about getting customers to buy. It’s more about confidently dealing with people. Have you worked on phones in a part-time job you had over summer break? Perhaps you took a speech class on speaking more influentially, or a psychology class on persuasion. These are all great sources of knowledge that can help you get into sales.

A Little Extra Learning Can Help

Of course, if you happen to have some time, you may want to take a Business 101 class online or at your local community college at nights. While this isn’t necessary to get a sales job, it can only bolster your chances and strengthen your resume. If you don’t have time to do this, don’t worry. Your boss or someone else at your new sales job will spend some quality time with you instructing you on what the products are, how to speak to customers, how to handle emails, and how to make phone calls.

Lastly, believe in yourself. It can be a daunting experience hopping from one career to another. You’re starting the applying, interviewing, and waiting process all over again. However, with a sales job, you know that you’ll work with a winning team, you know that you’ll be trained, and you know that you can advance. You’ll make use of your learned skills on a regular basis while handling different responsibilities from day to day. Are you ready to make the switch today? Consider an entry-level sales job at LogoNation as a great way to begin. Learn more here.