Independent Sales Rep Jobs Offer Outstanding Freedom And Opportunities

Independent sales rep jobs like those offered by LogoNation, one of America’s leading community pride promotion companies, can provide an ideal combination of earning opportunities and freedom. You can set your own schedule and work from home, reaching out to businesses and organizations typically within a short driving radius of where you live.

indep-sales-rep-15383866_sLogoNation has intentionally developed its sales rep jobs to reward initiative and allow young adults or recent college grads to enjoy “breathing room” in their new jobs, as they learn to shift from the college campus to corporate America. LogoNation provides a full training program so new sales reps will be “set up to succeed,” including practice sales trips to actual businesses in your home area or assigned market.

Once you are proficient in how to sell the LogoNation way, promoting community pride and local businesses with custom-printed “CommuniTee” shirts, you are given a lot of independence to carry forward with your responsibilities under your own direction. Of course technically you are an employee of LogoNation, but you function very much like an independent sales rep – being your own boss and setting your own schedule.

You choose the businesses and organizations to call on, when to call on them, and what to say when you get there. You learn to develop your own “sales pitch” which you can deliver in a relaxed manner, adapting to the observed personality and preferences of each potential customer. You close the sale, process the orders, and hand-deliver the finished product to each paying customer.  While LogoNation functions behind the scenes to make it all possible, you are the “face of LogoNation” to customers – people who can become your friends and refer you to other business owners and decision makers.

In addition, by meeting your sales goals, you not only earn a comfortable base salary, but also are eligible for a five-tier bonus depending on your results.  Even in your first year as an independent sales rep with LogoNation, you can earn over $40,000 a year!

To learn more, call LogoNation at 1-800-955-7375 or use our online contact form/application.