Is Selling A Good Fit For You? You Might Be Surprised

sales-woman-7The most successful sales people are energetic, creative problem solvers, fun loving and hard working.  Some people are literally born sellers. But the vast majority of others, including natural introverts, learn that selling is persuasion, and persuasion is a mental game. Anyone can learn to do it, and benefit as a result. It’s not just yackety-yackety-yack but thinking on your feet, listening, strategizing, instantly deciding what to say next before you speak again. It’s actually fun and interesting as you focus on the process.

Unless you decide to become a hermit, you will spend the rest of your life interacting with other people, seeking win-win solutions where both sides benefit, both persuading and responding. This is not something they teach everybody in school.

So it really doesn’t matter whether you are a “natural sales athlete” or just a hard worker – what matters now is taking charge of your life, building valuable skills and confidence, so you control your destiny and your success. Nothing helps build those capacities like outside sales, calling on strangers, listening and responding, and building relationships.

You may decide later on to pursue lucrative careers like pharmaceutical sales or commercial real estate, or you may move up into management at LogoNation or another company. Whatever your career path, you’ll find that starting in outside sales is an ideal beginning.

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