Lessons from Sales Leaders: Connections that Hit the Right Notes

If you’re trying to break into the world of sales and marketing jobs, it would be wise to emulate the examples of some of the greatest sales people of all time. Let’s continue our series on some of the top gurus of the sales world, and see what we can learn from them.

Erica Feidner

Erica Feidner

Erica Feidner: The Piano Matchmaker

Erica Feidner has become known as “The Piano Matchmaker,” thanks to her novel approach at matching pianos to people and people to pianos. Her music career began at age 3 when she learned how to play the piano, and by the time she was 9 she was teaching at her parents’ renowned piano school. She continued her music career through college and earned a BFA at SUNY Purchase. Post-college she established a successful piano teaching practice in New York City.

In 1987 she injured her thumb in a skiing accident and, for the first time in her life, could not successfully play the piano. She had to completely reevaluate her career choices. In a bold move, she sold her teaching practice, sold her piano and stopped playing the piano entirely. Instead, she went on to earn an MBA in marketing and began working in sales for Steinway & Sons. She quickly became the top worldwide sales rep for Steinway for eight consecutive years, with a net sales worth over $4 million.

Her Sales Philosophy Which You Can Follow

Be an expert on your product. Sell with impeccable standards.

Erica had a lifetime of music experience, the education to back it up, the success of previous sales and 23 years in the piano selling business. But mostly her piano expertise was what attracted prospects and the trusting relationship that created loyalty.

Get to know your clients’ passions and personality in order to make the perfect match.

Whether or not her clients had musical experience, Erica found out what they desired in a piano. She could always make a connection by getting to know the person.

Make the sales opportunity an enjoyable learning experience for the customer.

Erica loved to teach people about pianos and music. She approached her work with genuine passion. She made client meetings unforgettable experiences, where the client felt like the piano he or she ended up buying was destined for them.

Lesson: Brand Yourself as an Expert

So as a new graduate and someone with not a lot of sales experience, the way to make yourself stand out and secure one of a company’s entry-level sales jobs, is to approach the product with a passion which clients will feel is genuine. Even if you don’t end up selling your dream product, you can still do your research. Build client trust on your expert knowledge base. Then find out what your clients are passionate about, and lead them to that perfect match.