Life After Graduation: How A Sales Career Can Help With “Life Shock”

sales after graduationLife shock – it’s that scary moment after graduation when you realize everything just changed forever. You’ve got to figure out how to cope with responsibilities without the supportive school environment you’re used to. Choosing an entry-level sales career is a powerful way to counteract that shock.


Being in school provides you with a lot of motivation to succeed — you’re learning as much as possible and trying to pull those high grades. After graduation, though, you lose those motivators. Many recent grads find little to get excited about in their first jobs.

But an entry-level sales job provides you with a ton of motivation to succeed! The faster you develop your skills and the better you get at your job, the more money you make. Now that’s some genuine motivation!

Social connections

After graduation, social groups tend to scatter. Friends who have been part of your life for years may suddenly end up across the state or the country. In an entry-level sales job, you’re meeting new people and making new friends every day.

And even better, building new relationships is part of your job as an entry-level sales associate. The more connections you make, the better you’re doing your job. It might be the only work you’ll find where you get paid for making friends.


There’s no denying that your college years can be really exciting. And leaving school for the “real world” feels like a big letdown for a lot of college grads. But one of the coolest things about an entry-level sales job is that no day is ever the same!

You can look forward to an infinite variety of experiences as a sales associate because you’re always meeting new people and encountering new situations. Better yet, there’s the excitement of closing a sale. Most sales professionals will tell you they get a real rush from making a sale, and it’s a feeling that never gets old.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by life shock after graduation – not when you can start your new life with a motivating, social, exciting job in sales!

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