Looking for a Job in Advertising Sales? Here’s What You Need to Know as a Recent Grad

advertising salesWith college behind you, you’re now beginning to consider your career more seriously than ever. However, after searching job boards, attending networking events, and even having a few interviews, you’re starting to learn that it’s not as easy to find a job as you thought it’d be. You want to do something exciting and meaningful while avoiding monotony. You want to enjoy your job and be happy to go to work every day.

You may want to consider a job in advertising sales. You may be thinking that you can’t get a job in sales because you have no prior experience. However, to get an entry-level advertising sales job, you generally only need a high school diploma. A bachelor’s or even a master’s degree is considered a bonus, and it can be a great opportunity for a recent college grad.

Okay, your interest is piqued, but what exactly does this job entail? An advertising sales professional is part of a any media that sells advertising. This can range from traditional media such as newspapers and TV stations, to more innovative media such as community T-shirts. You meet with potential clients and try to get them to become customers. You may also manage relevant information and data when convincing these would-be customers. Unlike a sales job, where you’re selling a product or service, you want these customers to purchase advertising to keep your media business afloat.

What if you don’t have any prior media experience though? Can you still get into advertising sales? Absolutely. The skills required to excel in a job like this don’t necessarily demand a background in media. If you have people skills, you should do just fine. Most media companies are looking for a candidate that has basic math skills, always sticks to deadlines, can handle a bit of pressure, is patient and cordial with coworkers and customers, is charismatic and persuasive, and can talk to any kind of person.

If that sounds like you, then you could be a fantastic fit for a job in advertising sales. How do you get started in this exciting career field? Start seeking out media companies near you and applying as you would for any job. When filling out your cover letter, think of instances in which you were charismatic, persuasive, or used number skills. If you do get the job, you won’t walk in on day one expected to know exactly what to do. Instead, you’ll be trained on how to be the best advertising salesperson you can be.

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