An Entry-Level Advertising Sales Job Can Lead to Big Success

sales-woman-7Just because you decided to study another major in college doesn’t mean that you can’t find a fantastic and financially rewarding job in sales once you graduate. You don’t even necessarily need a business degree. If you spent time studying or majoring in advertising or marketing, you can get an entry level job in sales that makes use of your bachelor’s degree and can, within your first year, lead to a five-figure salary if you dedicate yourself to the job and achieve all your goals. Here are just some job titles that you could possibly have as an advertising and marketing salesperson.

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3 Compelling Reasons to Get an Entry Level Sales Job

College is a rich, life-affirming experience. For the first time, a student is on their own and decides which topics to study and what their potential career will be. You may have heard about the lucrative field of sales from a friend, classmate, parent, relative, or school staff member.

Businesswomen shaking handsHowever, you’re just not sure about it. Perhaps you’re already a college senior who has spent the better part of four years studying a field unrelated to sales and business. Luckily, most entry-level sales positions don’t require any prior related experience. If your attention is piqued and you’re seriously thinking of getting into sales, here are three compelling reasons to pursue this wonderful career path:

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5 Myths Surrounding Entry Level Sales Jobs

indep-sales-rep-15383866_sMaking the decision to get into sales while in college or shortly after graduating can be a hugely rewarding decision. Although a background in business helps, most people who pursue this career path don’t need any prior experience when seeking an entry level position. However, there are a lot of myths that are perpetuated in the sales world that may discourage some people from pursuing this fantastic career path. By investigating these myths and rumors, they can be debunked so that new graduates interested in an entry level sales job can learn the truth and proceed accordingly.

  1. There’s No Room for Growth — Just because you’ve seen television or film portrayals of sales jobs where the employee is in a stagnant, boring job without any room for growth doesn’t mean that it’s like that in the real world. Quite the contrary, usually. You can typically move up the ranks in your position, and the communications and people management skills that you pick up could help you transition to another field if you so choose.
  2. You Have to Force People Into Buying — If you’ve ever encountered a particularly aggressive salesperson at a store or the mall, you might cringe thinking you could become like that. You don’t actually force your customers into anything with the right sales job. Instead, you try to convince them of the many benefits that your product provides and inform them why they need it. The customer then comes to a conclusion on their own.
  3. You Have to Deal with Constant Rejection — Of course, sometimes people will say no. However, that’s not a direct reflection on you. Even with a few customers who decline, you won’t deal with constant rejection all the time. As long as you learn not to take it personally, then customers who pass on your product won’t bother you and you can move on to people who want to buy.
  4. You Need to Make a Lot of Cold Calls — The days of randomly calling strangers and attempting to entice them to buy your products or services are pretty much over. Instead, you may comb social media or use databases to find customers. Email newsletters are used far more often than cold calls. Of course, you shouldn’t go into an entry level sales job thinking you won’t ever be on the phone. Just don’t expect to make cold calls all the time.
  5. Most People Who Work in Sales are Bitter and Super Competitive — Sales numbers matter in a job like this, but that doesn’t mean that walking into work every single day is one big competition. Instead, new graduates will be surprised to see that mostly everyone that they encounter, from managers to coworkers, are positive, cheerful, and helpful. They’re all working towards the good of the company and not for their own personal financial gain.

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Five Ways to Handle Price Objections in a Sales Job

sales-woman-7In your life as a consumer, you’ve probably experienced it yourself: you walk into a store seeking a product (or visit a company’s website), take a look at the price of that product, decide it’s too much, and keep shopping elsewhere.

Now that you’re working as a salesperson though, seeing your customers reach that same conclusion would be a big disappointment. While you can’t necessarily lower the prices of your products, there are a number of ways that you can influence customers who are ready to jump ship. Here are five tactics for handling price objections:

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Do’s and Don’ts for your Entry Level Job Search

sales-woman-3Sales jobs are among the best paid in the current economy, so choosing to get into this field is a wise decision for long-term career growth. Of course, if you’ve just recently graduated college, you may be applying for as many jobs as you can. You may have had internships or part-time (and maybe even full-time) positions in the past, but this will be your first real job, so to speak.

While the economy is certainly in better shape than it was a few years back, it’s still a little shaky and in need of further stabilization. That doesn’t mean that you can’t chase your career dreams now though. You just need to know how. Here are some do’s and don’ts for landing an entry level job in sales.

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Why You Don’t Have To Use Cold Calls to Succeed in Sales

The cold call: for a new salesperson, calling potential customers out of the blue to inquire about their interest in your product can be terrifying. Phone communications remain a pertinent part of day-to-day operations in most workplaces, an unavoidable part of the job description. However, the concept of a cold call may be a little outdated, especially if your sales company is attempting to reach out to a younger generation of potential customers. This demographic is hardly used to speaking on the phone with their family or significant other, let alone a stranger trying to sell a product.

texting-34484401_sJust think of how you use your own personal phone on a daily basis. As a recent graduate just starting in the sales world, you likely keep in touch with friends, family, and former classmates through social media sites like Facebook or apps like Instagram. If you need to talk to someone, you can use that site’s chat app or you can send a text message. Calls are generally only for emergencies or annoying telemarketers. If you see that someone is ringing from a phone number that you don’t recognize, you’ll likely hit “ignore” or let the call go straight to voicemail.

A lot of people behave the same way. Plus, there’s the timing of cold calls. If you dial someone’s business while they are busy, they are not likely to have spare time to talk with you about your product. If you call early or late, they may not even be open. That’s not to say that you should completely and permanently abandon the idea of the cold call. It does have its place in certain instances.

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Proven Strategies to Increase Sales in Your First Sales Job

customer careAs you start your first sales job, you’re going to want to do whatever you can to excel and attract as many customers as possible. During the training that you receive from your new company, you will surely learn some valuable skills about how to relate to customers and then suggest products to them that they really need. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t expand your repertoire even further. These strategies have been implemented by professionals and are proven to work. You’ll see sales increase by following these tips

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How to Find a Sales Job without Prior Experience

sales job entry levelA sales job can be a rewarding career path that lets you make use of your communications and quick-thinking skills. If you just graduated from a university but you don’t have a bachelor’s in business, economics, or sales, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change directions. Even if your only jobs were in other fields, you can still find a sales job without having any prior experience. A lot of basic job searching tactics apply, but you’ll also need to show off some of your sales-y talents to impress a hiring manager.

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5 Things You Must Get Right in a New Sales Job

woman-handshake-13019777_sThe hard work that you put towards your job search has finally paid off. You’ve landed your first sales job and you couldn’t be more excited. However, underneath that anticipation is a ball of nervousness inside you. You want to do your best, selling to the largest number of customers possible. However, besides doing well, you also want to lay down the foundation for consistent future success.

Before you stride into the office for your first day on the job, make sure that you consider these five points, all of which are very important and which you must get right. While you’ll probably make a mistake or two on your first day or even your first week, the sooner that you get comfortable and familiar with these points, the better you’ll do at work.

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How to Handle Slow Periods in a Sales Job

lemonadestand-31011188_sAs the sun shines brighter, the temperatures climb higher, and the days are longer, people rejoice because it’s summer.

However, if you’re in sales, you may not feel so celebratory right now. Summertime has been a notoriously tough time for retail and similar businesses. It could be that people are in and out of the office from June until August to make the most of the sunny weather, but all of that productivity that you had going for you seems to have tapered off as the heat rises. If you’re experiencing the summer slowdown in your sales job, here’s how to handle it.

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