Reasons to Get an Entry-Level Marketing Job After Graduating College

sales after graduationAs you start college and choose a major, you slowly but surely shape your future. Of course, your aspirations may have changed from freshman to senior year, and perhaps you switched majors a few times. The job market may have also influenced your decision as you smartly chose to major in a field that would net you a job after graduation. However, now that you’re actually graduating, you may be having second thoughts.

After all, you’ve been looking for a job your whole spring semester and you still have yet to find anything. All around you, your friends and classmates are landing jobs to start as soon as the graduation celebration festivities are done. What do you do? Have you considered getting an entry-level job in marketing? If not, here are some reasons why you should.

  1. You Don’t Need Super Specific Skills for an Entry-Level Job — Can you write? Have you ever worked in retail? Are you renowned for your communication skills? Do you have experience organizing social events? Do people call you persuasive? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you already possess plenty of skills needed to excel at an entry-level marketing job.
  1. You Don’t Necessarily Need to Have Studied Marketing — Okay, so what if your interest is piqued, but you were a business or English major? Perhaps you’ve taken a public relations class, a persuasive writing course, or a class on public speaking. The skills you’ve learned in these classes can help you get a marketing job. For many entry-level positions, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are crucial. You can always be trained once you get the job.
  1. You’re Rewarded for Good Ideas — With many office jobs, creativity isn’t exactly encouraged. You tend to have to do everything by the book. With a job in marketing, you’re often asked to brainstorm and come up with the most compelling and fun ideas possible. While you will have some office-type coordination duties as part of your day-to-day professional life, you also get to flex your creative muscle, something that’s not guaranteed with other jobs.
  1. It’s a Relevant Career — As you enter college, you learn that just because you’re passionate about an interest doesn’t necessarily mean it can translate into a job. As mentioned, you may have chosen your major because it seemed like a steady field to get into. The same can be said of marketing. Companies and brands will always need to have their products marketed and sold, meaning your job will never become irrelevant.
  1. There’s Plenty of Room for Advancement — Once you get your entry-level marketing job, you won’t want to be an entry-level employee forever. In marketing, there are plenty of different career paths you can take. You can work on the sales side or the PR side or the design side, or move into management. With enough hard work and dedication, it’s all up to you.

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