Shape Your Marketing Career in Louisville with LogoNation

entrepreneur-sales20275877_sDrive, pragmatic thinking, entrepreneurialism and the right kind of ego strength are some of the most important things and qualities that you should possess if you want to make it in marketing. The following are important insights if you want to switch from sales rep jobs to marketing or leverage your marketing skills to land the perfect sales jobs in LouisvilleĀ or sales jobs in Cincinnati to help you advance your career:

  • Sales rep jobs are great stepping stones into a career in marketing. Skills gained as a sales rep and in other customer-oriented roles are very much transferable to marketing. These include communication and negotiation, mathematical proficiency, as well as the ability to reach targets. Media planning is another excellent skill to have, because many small to medium sized companies do perform the role in-house. Sales language is also closely related to marketing language, which means it will be easier to relate to the culture.
  • If you are serious about building a marketing career, start by knowing exactly what marketing employers want and check the competencies and skills that you can satisfy, at least at the moment. This will give you a good idea of which abilities you can leverage and which ones, through training, research, and development you can acquire and develop to qualify for higher responsibilities.
  • Your experience and skills in the real world are just as significant, if not more relevant as a degree in marketing. You will be surprised at how many people working in leading marketing agencies don’t necessarily have marketing degrees, but do offer a creative eye and entrepreneurial flair, which helped propel their career from the bottom up.