Skills You May Have That Recruiters Say Are Hard To Find


Statistics show that the job market is improving, so why are some people still having difficulty finding sales and marketing jobs?

Well there seems to be a disconnect between what skills employers say they value most and what entry-level marketing job candidates showcase on their resumes and in interviews.

Interesting enough… as a recent grad, you just might have these skills. Here’s what they are and how to let the recruiters know that you’re the right candidate for the gig:

What employers want.

Today’s employers believe that qualified candidates for outside sales jobs should have strong “soft skills” (interacting with people well, etc.). However, many agree that finding candidates with these skill sets can be quite difficult to foresee and find.

While many candidates may actually have the right skills for a job in sales, it can be difficult to show those skills when you don’t have much experience on your resume.

Understanding why these skills have become so important may help you relate real-life experiences to the skills employers are looking for.

What’s changed?

Rapid advancements in technology have made today’s companies more global than ever, and their day-to-day operations have become leaner and more efficient. While technology plays a big role in being able to do more with less, it increases the need for many of the soft skills everyone thought would become less important.

Effective communication has become a key focus for hiring managers, as the proliferation of computers, email, video conferencing and social media use means that every employee has become the face of the company.

Positive attitude, adaptability and teamwork are the next most important skills, and the most successful employees possess all three. As companies become more global, they look for synergies across locations and ways to become more efficient. This means employees will be expected to collaborate with their global counterparts and may be asked to travel or share job responsibilities.

What skills you already have

Some of your coursework and college activities may offer very relevant examples of your highly effective soft skills. Perhaps you held a leadership position for an on-campus organization or helped organize a community service project. Both of these types of activities could have given you valuable experience in the exact skills employers are seeking.

That means you’ve got what it takes.

So before you send off your job application, review your resume. Don’t miss the opportunity to appropriately highlight these “hard to find” skills. Who knows? It could make the difference between your resume landing in the “No” pile and a call for an interview!