Start Your Marketing Career in Louisville

marketing in LouisvilleLogoNation can help you get started in a rewarding, fulfilling, and highly profitable marketing career in Louisville. We have the options that allow you to explore new places and get paid to do so—plus the unique opportunity to work independently with your career in outside sales and marketing. LogoNation is currently accepting applicants who might be interested in a marketing or sales position.

LogoNation is a specialty advertising company headquartered in Mooresville, N.C., focused on promoting business pride and community spirit through our high-quality promotional products including our CommuniTee t-shirts.

You might be wondering—what exactly makes a marketing career in LogoNation different from other companies? First of all, we offer a position that is beneficial to communities. A LogoNation marketing career lets you give back to your community in Louisville by participating in community-oriented advertising.

CommuniTee is our annual community promotion t-shirt, designed to promote community spirit and business pride in smaller towns all over the U.S. The shirt features ads from local businesses on the back, and a graphic design on the front that uniquely represents each town. Starting your marketing career with LogoNation lets you have the opportunity to showcase local businesses in the various towns you serve, promoting them to local residents as well as visitors to the town. By working with LogoNation, you are indirectly creating more money, jobs, and opportunities for people living in your own community.

Join us here at LogoNation in our mission to provide well-made and unique products that are community-oriented and can creatively enhance communities and promote businesses effectively. To help you succeed and ensure that you achieve your best potential, LogoNation will provide you with full orientation and one-on-one field training, and assign you to a district manager who will continue to help you develop in your career. We provide compensation and benefits to our community account managers (marketing-sales people), with perks including health insurance allowance, gas reimbursement, cell phone allowance, and car allowance. Contact LogoNation today to learn more!