The Benefits of a Marketing Sales Job Compared to Other Sales Positions

woman-handshake-13019777_sWhile all sales jobs have the same purpose — to attract customers and entice them to buy a product or service — not all these jobs are the same. You could be involved in distributor sales, where you appeal to companies, or service sales, where you work with the customer to market services. There’s also direct sales, where you sell products to customers in a retail environment. Direct sales can also apply to business-to-business or B2B.

So just which type of sales job is best for you? You want a position that is entry-level since you just graduated college or have not worked in sales before. Here’s why a marketing sales job could be the perfect one for you.

  1. You Create Your Own Schedule — As an entry-level marketing sales employee, your hours may not quite be the standard nine-to-five. In many cases you can create your own schedule as long as you meet your goals. You may have to work on nights some days, earlier mornings others, and even weekends sometimes. However, in most cases you can also allow time in your schedule for personal errands that makes your work-life a little easier. It’s important to dedicate yourself to the job now to reap the payoff later.
  1. You Work Directly with Customers — As mentioned above, there are several types of sales jobs that you can get into. If you don’t want to work a B2B job, marketing sales positions often have you interacting directly with your customers. You may be on the phone or emailing customers about their questions on a product or service your company offers. You will probably do some of the work in the customer’s location as you explain details and close the sale. This is far more rewarding than dealing with customers anonymously and never meeting them in person.
  1. You’re Involved in the Marketing and the Selling — That’s the best part about a job like this: you get to wear multiple hats. One day you could be more involved with reviewing a prospect list, the next you could be tracking customer reaction to a recent advertisement, and the next you could be in their business selling. There’s also room for advancement with a job like this, giving you the opportunity to move up the career ladder quickly. You could earn a title like an account manager, a customer relations representative, a business development executive, or a content marketing associate.

As you can tell, there are plenty of benefits to getting a job in advertising and marketing sales. You don’t even necessarily need to have majored in business, marketing, or advertising. As long as you have a passion for your job and you’re willing to train and learn, you could experience great success. Contact LogoNation to learn more about their outstanding marketing sales opportunities!